More VNS thoughts…

I’m watching this YouTube video right now from a 30 year old lady that just had The VNS incision done a little over a month ago. Just had the pulses turned on. She seems to really enjoy the device and has not noticed the side effects too much. She explains the whole thing that is explains in the book. Very interesting. But it is finally a video for me to watch and actually see a person use the device by swiping the magnet over the VNS.

Her voice lowers for a few seconds, she coughed once and then it was over. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Still the second choice, but a good choice.

One thought on “More VNS thoughts…

  1. I had typed up this really funny type-up thingie which was really funny on YouTube, when I realized that she probably wouldn’t appreciate it. I won’t cut off my ear over it, but I feel underappreciated in an artistic kinda sense! I’ll cut off someone elses ear, if that’d help.

    Anyway, good video. Hot chick, too. (Yes, I WILL burn in hell. That’s a given, no point in wasting any more effort. 🙂



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