Hmmm…. I guess it’s time to escribe en español? (Spanish)

My Brain: <yawn> I did not sleep well last night.

A Different Part of My Brain: Why not?

My Brain: I don’t know…. I forget….

Got up this morning and had something on my list that I needed to do… Monday…

What do I do on Mondays….? …uh…oh, I gotta go see my Psych Lady.
Mmmmmm…. oh, yeah.

Psych Lady: OK! Today we are going to go to “blah blah blah” to eat. (I don’t remember what she said)

Already-thought-about-the-subject Self: I believe we should go to that Smashburger and eat inside of THEIR building, just like we did last time.

Psych Lady: Uh… ugh. I am not appreciative to enjoy Smashburger, but I guess I can lower my expectations and allow you to make the decision because you are the master in command.

Happy-for-the-understanding Self: Yes. And you know the directions to the location. Lets go.

Climbed into the vehicle… Eeeeeerrrrrrrr……. Skidded away and around the corner from the beginning location. We arrived successfully at SMASHBURGER. Hmmm…

So, we ordered… And talked… And spoke… And ate… And drank… And…. na, that’s about it.

I’m pretty sure, but maybe not 100% sure, that I’ve posted on here about the Evaluation I’m having.

Yes. One of those Neuropsychological Evaluation things. Had one of those things last year. Now, to compare, I will do it again in a couple of weeks.

What do I personally think? I think I’ve gotten “better in the brain” since then. We’ll have to just wait and see…

Why am I passing this liquid from my eyes?

I just finished watching a documentary on Netflix called Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory.

Very interesting. This is EXACTLY all about the way music helps a brain that isn’t “working correctly” to “work better”. That’s one way to say it. Showing how some older people in a hospital/nursing home are “unresponsive”, but then given music the person would know (via iPad) and played through headphones. Ohhhh… This makes the unresponsive person do anything, very responsive as long as it is music they enjoy.

This is EXACTLY like what the movie Awakenings (Robin Williams) does with the patients there at that hospital.

What I was seeing was a person’s mother, who had been entirely unresponsive to everything for years, start singing and “awakening” when there was music being played to them using the headphones and iPad. It was incredible. It shown a lady who was understood to be unable to stand and walk on her own, but when she heard the music she recognized and enjoyed, she stood and danced. It was incredible.

ok ok ok….. Enough of those tears. I’m getting back to reading that book that I was reading yesterday.

So, what’s been going on?

What is up with this “WHAT? I haven’t written for a month?” stuff? That’s just not right (write?).

Just trust me, I am still alive and still able to safely & correctly write into this media. The problems I seem to be showing that I have are no more than a change in everything I have been doing in the past. Discuss this? No. Not today.

Back to living… I got the new doctors over at the KU Med and have been very successful with them. Just had another appointment on Wednesday of this week and have chosen to start seeing a Psych in the town that I live in, rather than commuting the many miles all the way to the KU hospital where my surgeons are located at. This is going to be helpful.

Not too much else. I have had some very helpful communication with a long-time friend. This has helped in many ways.

I’ll stay more communicable (more often) once more exciting things happen that are worthy of communicating about. Right now, things are still going good and quiet. 🙂

This is Darren blogging again before another surgery…

Thanks for the prayers. Let me tell you I have some WiCkEd scars on the top and side of my head. Cuts going all over the place. These cuts and scars really leave me with quite the headache. The top/front of my head kills me at times, then I have the nurse give me some meds. I have a mesh-type beenie to cover my scarred head where the scan devices on the inside/outside of my brain. The mesh helps keep the my brain “leakage” under control.

Early Friday morning about 3 o’clock or so I woke up in a daze like state, pretty confused and my head hurt like crazy.  I knew I needed to go to the restroom. When I opened my eyes, it was hard to see and by this time in the week I had become aware enough to recognize that I had some kind of wires or something hanging – coming out of the top of my head. This- I also had a tremendous headache. Stood up out of bed and the cords from my skull yanked my head down. I grabbed the ones on the left side and pulled them straight out.  The next thing I know there is repeated drops of blood all over me and the floor. I felt them as they were being jerked out of my skull. I started screaming bloody murder.Four nurses came in after my wife yelled for help. They cleaned me up and prepped me for a CT scan.

Over the weekend, it seemed as though my brain was healing. Started to be more awake and could think better. But I have also had a tremendous headache that I am continually taking pain medication for.

Jaw is killing me because of the holes in the side of my head that are drilled are on  the jaw muscle. Chewing is difficult and painful. Opening my mouth is next to impossible, but the doctor is giving me directions on how to do exercises for my jaw when I leave the hospital.

Monday morning is the next surgery and that is to take out the leads including those that are frayed and broken inside my skull. After doing this I will blog about the options.


Monday morning now. The doc just came in and let me know I am #2. So, about 11:00 or 12:00 or 1:00 before they take me away and another hour before they chop me back open.


This Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) was always thought by me as just a “second choice” if the first operation doesn’t work out. No biggie. But I’ve also been looking into this VNS as I just did for the brain surgery. now, I know these are usually extreme cases from people, but still….

Surgery risks
Surgical complications with vagus nerve stimulation are rare and are similar to the dangers of having other types of surgery. They include:

  • Pain where the cut (incision) is made to implant the device
  • Infection
  • Incision scarring
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Vocal cord paralysis, which is usually temporary, but can be permanent

And then…

Side effects after surgery
Some of the side effects and health problems associated with vagus nerve stimulation can include:

  • Voice changes
  • Hoarseness
  • Throat pain
  • Cough
  • Headache
  • Chest pain
  • Breathing problems, especially during exercise
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Abdominal pain or nausea
  • Tingling or prickling of the skin

For most people, side effects are tolerable. They may lessen over time, but some side effects may be bothersome for as long as you use vagus nerve stimulation. Adjusting the electrical impulses can help minimize these effects. If side effects are intolerable, the device can be shut off temporarily or permanently.

Now, I’ve also seen a VLOG on YouTube from a guy that has extreme epilepsy and has gotten this implant. He talks about how after his implant his implant that he had to quit his job at McDonalds. I can see this. If he has a hard time communicating, it’s impossible to work. Oh, and he says it’s REAL hard to sleep at first. Having a jolt of electricity sent to your brain every few minutes can be very awaking. Again, I have questions and this isn’t a sure thing. Just a “second” thing.