Neurologist Visit.

I saw my new Neurologist yesterday. With all this COVID-19, I didn’t do the medication change several months ago. But now… I have decided (after “understanding” this COVID-19) to start a medication-change again. I’ll start this in a couple days (this weekend). I’ll have to see how all this is working afterwards. Any of these new meds have all-new side effects and everything changes for me. I’m getting OFF the Depakote ER that causes the increased tremor and inability to speak all the words that I’m thinking of.

So… What is the new one?


After looking this up, I see the main side-effects are… 

Drowsy (just like all the others I have ever taken) 
Dizziness (just like all the others I have ever taken)
Loss of balance or coordination (just like all the others I have ever taken)
…and a few other things. (nothing new) 

One pill in the morning and one pill at night. Then I have to go through the whole process of getting off an old one. I’m not getting off ALL of them. Just changing the Depakote ER.

As long as my entire speaking comes back, the extreme tremor is lost and seizures are controlled, this will work just fine.

Well… Not now.

As you may have read from my last entry, I had the opportunity to start taking new medication. Well…

All I have to say now is…

With all this shit going on in this world right now, I don’t need to go another medication change if nothing is depending on it. I can only focus on one or the other. Not going for both. Maybe someday down the road. Maybe. Someday.

Ah, A New Neurologist

Ok. I have been in the need for a new Neurologist a very long time. With “long time” meaning years. I go and see a new one here in the town where I live. “She” is what I need. Yes… a female Neurologist. Never had one of those.

So, we meet for the first time. I tell her my story about everything dealing with this thing between my ears. She asks me what I need…

“New medication. I’m tired of this other one that is forcing me to wear this brace.”

So now, I “just started” a new med. As you guys may know, a person with medication for seizures isn’t a “easy to change” thing. Have to slowly get on the new medication, then get off the old. Cannot be completely off seizure meds at any time.

So, that’s where I’m at. When I make it through this change, I’m sure I’ll think differently like I usually have in the past. We’ll wait and see…

This Brace

I just knew there has to be something good out of having this wrist-brace. I can receive sympathy from strangers (girls) when the brace can be seen on my wrist. Nearly impossible to get sympathy from anyone concerning brain surgery. Can’t see brain surgery. People don’t really believe stories about brain surgery. But with this BRACE on my WRIST… oh, I can get all kinds of reactions upon seeing THAT.

You know, these “girls” coming up and asking:
“Oh, what happened? Does it hurt?”

My reply:
“It hurts after being in a fight… just a bit.”
…and then I stick my arm out there for them to see it.

ha… ha… ha…

Yeah, a fight.
Not brain surgery.

This Wrist

I’m still in pain from the tremor. Not as bad? Let me explain…

Last week on Friday, I saw a new doctor where I told her about my increased tremor. She understood what I was saying and told me that I’d be seeing some other doctors to get a better idea of what needs to be helped and/or fixed. Fixed? Well, that would be GREAT, but I believe that all this is happening because of one (or more) side-effects of the seizure medications I take. A major (but not common) side-effect is a, or increased, tremor. So…

Let me show you what this FIRST doctor gave me to constantly wear. Drum roll, please….

Okay, this was one of the first fittings I was trying to redo. Little tight in this picture, but I got it fixed. Basically I was ordered:

“Wear this now and ALL DAY & EVERYDAY. … just not while you take a shower.”

“So, how long am I going to wear this? Forever and Ever?”

“Yes. Forever and Ever.”

Holy Crap! This is not fun when you have a permanent tremor on the right-side of your body and this is trying to hold it still. The wrist is held like a board, but my elbow & fingers are still shaking. Drinking coffee while I type this doesn’t help either. We’ll just see how long THIS lasts….

Okay, lets go ahead with this Orthopedic doctor that I saw yesterday. Basically it was…

“Does this hurt when I do this?”

“Well, the first time you moved it & squeezed it, it hurt. The second and third times, it didn’t hurt.”

Kept trying to make it hurt, but he was unsuccessful. Told me there wasn’t any way he could help me. (For some reason or another)