The plane! The plane!

Okay… I’m boarding an airplane and flying over to Florida. Florida… What is to do in Florida? Guess we’ll just find out later today. I’m just…

  1. I’m along for a ride
  2. Has some reasoning to do with me, somehow
  3. …and forced along for a ride

I’m getting put on a boat there and forcibly taken somewhere else. Successfully find where I’ll be going at a later time.

Beginning of the Vacation??

Vacation? Is that one of those different language words again? I think I’m happy with the volunteer opportunities I get to do. I actually want to do MORE WORK! But vacation?

It’s true I have been through allot with my surgery and healing. People helping have been through allot. (nope, I don’t remember that last time in the hospital…. in the coma.) But now we get a vacation???

Personally, I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER today, rather than the days before. This is easy to say everyday. I have been feeling this specific way for several months. Is it the change in weather? Maybe. Is it more healing? Mmmmm, that would make it less complicated.

Anyway. I have been taken away from my own usual ways and going back to another place where people know me. For awhile, I’ll be available to enter into here. But I am being forced to join people on vacation!!! Aaaaaa!!!!!