Ah! A Psychiatrist…

Lets see…

(I know there’s other BIG words for the “people I see”)
And NOW a Psychiatrist… at least in my town.

This was cool. This is the type of Doctor that people go and see every once in awhile, to talk to and get a different medication for that reason. At least, this is the reason as to who this person will be…. for me.

Basically, I sat there and told my “story” (pretty much everything in this blog) and then we discussed medication.

Lastly, we talked about the next appointment…
“eh… I’ll see you next month.”

Works for me!

Homework from a Psych??

Saw Ms. Psych-lady on Monday. Ah, this was a different Monday. Not day-of-the-week, just what we did! Monday was a good day to have an abnormal Monday. Any other day, who knows. But, today was a good Monday for a change.

Ate differently. Not the best…. Not the favorite….. But, it was a good change. Had a good discussion about… things you discuss with people like that.

OK. End of that aimless wording such stuff. 

After eating, we walked to the bookstore. What was purchased? I bought something. She bought something.

MY PURCHASE was a Monty Python poster for my house:


Now, my Psych decided that she would purchase a book to read (from a bookstore??). What a concept:



Mmmm… “Clinical Tales”. As we left the store and walking back to the car, she put the book in my hands.

She gives me the orders of: “READ THE BOOK! YOU WILL BE TESTED NEXT WEEK!”


I tried to prove to her that this would be an impossible thing for me to do by holding it to read. (“Homework” was never a favorite thing back in school…)

I took it upon myself to inform her: “I cannot hold it in my SHAKY RIGHT-HAND to read this.

She had forgotten that my right-hand shakes and my left-hand does not. I reminded her of this by retelling the “story” of my brain. You know, my messed up left-side of the brain is a messed up right-side of the body. All based upon where the location of that ‘ole BRAIN that I got fixed. (Not fixing any shakiness on the RIGHT SIDE, but the LEFT SIDE works fine.)

“Just read it and we’ll talk about it NEXT WEEK!”

SOLUTION! I bought the book for my Kindle with the Audio version when I got home. Ahhhhh…. I’ll just listen to the dang thing.

SO, I guess I was given work to do by my teacher <cough> I mean Psych lady.

Hanko Psikolog (Albanian)

Okay… Okay… Okay…….
What is it that we discuss on this day of the week?

No…. It’s not Friday…?

On Friday, (in case you were not aware…) I actually had my son with me when I was “working” at the hospital. 

Today is Monday!

So, lets go to the Psych Lady today.

Psych Lady: “Where do you want to eat…..?”
Myself: “Where do we always eat? We don’t need to change that…. today….”
Psych Lady: “It’s back to that place over there next to Starbucks…?”
Myself: “Yes, you cannot forget the name and location of STARBUCKS. Everything else in this world is Not As Important.”

What did I choose to eat at the chosen place along with the Psych Lady’s unchanging salad? Well, that’s a good question…. Usually I have to take pictures of my food…. and… I forgot to do that within the discussions between The Psych Lady and myself. My fault? Her fault? I don’t know.

I left the Psych Lady after the usual “eating” and “discussing” of life adventures. It was a good day.

I am in the Taxi on the way home, and talking with THE BLIND LADY. You know, that one I’ve shared a ride with before. I ask her what she is going to do tomorrow for the weekend. She INFORMS me that TODAY is actually MONDAY.

Oh yeah…. I guess it IS. I was just picked up from that Psych location. Huh… I guess that’s how that works…

So, it’s like this:

  • The Blind Lady can’t see.
  • I have problems with… a list of things.
  • Yet, we are both EXCELLENT singers with the radio and force our taxi driver to turn the music up while we are riding together.

Quite the concept… 

Okay, okay…
Got home. That’s about it….

Children, what happens on ngeMisombuluko? (Zulu)

Moon-day is Psych-day.

Saw her today and what happened? Hmmm… What usually happens on a Moon-day?


Psych: “What is for the stomach today?”

Me: “Uh, the usual?”

Hadn’t seen her for several weeks during my busy vacation. Thus, we had to go over pages and pages of these blog entry days since I’ve seen her last. Didn’t even finish that! Had way too many days to discuss. Try Again Next Week.

Ok. Ok. Ok…. Now I am going to explain the MOST IMPORTANT THING about Mondays. My lunch at WHOLE FOODS.

The Foodies….

  • HSH California Quinoa. Tasty. Lots of tiny…. dots of something? These are with Almond Slices, Raisins, Coconut Flakes, Mango… few others… oh, and Cilantro. WAIT WAIT. The FIRST one is Red Quinoa. Ah….
  • Artichoke Salad. This is good too. Lets see… Umm, oh, the first ingredient is Artichoke Hearts. That is true. Red Onion… Red Pepper, Green Pepper, Yellow Pepper (Never knew there were so many color peppers). Sea Salt. That’s important. I love the flavor of Sea Salt over the flavor of regular Salt. (no, I’m not joking on that one…) 🙂
  • Verba Mate Drink. This whole thing is…. Guayaki Brand Verba Mate – Enlighten Mint. Might have been a bit better if I can ever remember to “shake” these drinks before opening the cans! That’s what they always say on the back. I just want to drink them to drink, and I just don’t read. Hmmm….

Welp, there is always “next week” and we’ll see what is decided that we are eating then.

Ah… Visit the Psychologist guy

No… not that Psych lady here in town (those are only on Monday), but today was Psychologist guy at the hospital (Thursday). You know, the Psychologist guy I’ve been seeing every 3 months.

“How are you doing, Darren?”

“Good. I’m feeling better and better all the time since the surgery.”

“You are SOUNDING GREAT since the surgery!”

La Da…. So, all is better.

This guy also had a “story” for ME.

“You are getting a new Psychologist. I’m, uh, not going to be around here any more after a month. Sooo, you’ll just get a new Psychologist to meet with you here.”

“Uh, okay. That’s cool.”

Handing me to someone else? That’s fine. Told me the name and everything too. Now I’ll be seeing someone new and have too much fun again. 😉

Moons-day to fill a stomach

It is another Moons-Day (that day after Suns-Day and before Toos-Day) spent with the lovely Psych-lady. She shows that she is ready for only my hunger before my starvation by showing up at my presence on time. Ahhhh… It will be of a great “Meeting Time”.


“Where would we like to go today?”

“Eh, I chose last week (but yet, I was unsuccessful at doing the meeting there), so I believe that it is YOUR turn to choose a more appropriate place in your eyes that we could eat and discuss things. But, I believe you would just force us to come back to the office again…”

What does she do? Psych-lady starts naming numerous places that she would enjoy going to, just to get her “job” done. No no no no… Doesn’t work that way. It was MY turn last week to choose. YOUR turn this week. WHERE ARE WE EATING?

Psych-lady thinks for a short moment and we are quickly in the process of leaving the building. We climb into her hefty vehicle and start driving (as if she still didn’t know where she was going). Quickly, I am forced to ride in an inappropriate U-turn in an intersection’s stop light and I proceed to ride along in the opposite direction we started. I just HOPE and PRAY she knows what she is doing and where she is going.

We quickly arrive at a destination.

Whole Foods Market

Ah. She wants to purchase food from Grocery Store that serves food from the Grocery Store and eaten at the Grocery Store? Hmmm…. This is interesting. I’m going for it. Well, I have to. I already announced that it was “her turn” to make the choice of where to eat.

This was good. I chose a “sandwich” on a shelf that was of two diagonally sliced pieces of bread with something in the middle of the two equal sizes and placed within the pieces of bread inside a triangular piece of clear plastic. The taste was… “do-able”. Try something new from the giant store next week? Mmmmm…. maybe. It will be my turn to make this lunchtime choice then.

Oh, wait! My Peach Flavored Green Iced Tea drink in a can. Not a whole lot of flavor. Kinda like water…?

Dessert! This was a REALLY GOOD carrot cake. It is a dessert that is well worth being a person in a dangerous vehicle where the passengers must ride with a driver who is making “U” turns in intersections that would be questionably illegal. Just as long as the lives are saved in the end, so this carrot cake can be enjoyed.

Nevertheless… I believe we could “maybe” go there again next week when the choice has fallen upon my own shoulders. I mean, then I “could” at least try another flavor of the nasty sandwiches that I had? Mmmm… Maybe.