Ah… Visit the Psychologist guy

No… not that Psych lady here in town (those are only on Monday), but today was Psychologist guy at the hospital (Thursday). You know, the Psychologist guy I’ve been seeing every 3 months.

“How are you doing, Darren?”

“Good. I’m feeling better and better all the time since the surgery.”

“You are SOUNDING GREAT since the surgery!”

La Da…. So, all is better.

This guy also had a “story” for ME.

“You are getting a new Psychologist. I’m, uh, not going to be around here any more after a month. Sooo, you’ll just get a new Psychologist to meet with you here.”

“Uh, okay. That’s cool.”

Handing me to someone else? That’s fine. Told me the name and everything too. Now I’ll be seeing someone new and have too much fun again. 😉


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