Just slooow down….

I’m on a vacation. Away from my “usual” weekly ways — to partake into… different surroundings. Also to get some things done that need to be gotten done.

Nevertheless, I wanted to share a story from today.

I am at a restaurant with my family for lunch. We are sitting outside and looking at the menu when a man comes over and introduces himself as the owner of this one and several other small restaurants. He sees me and looks at my shirt I love to wear….


He loved it! Told me that HE HAD BRAIN SURGERY TOO! We talked about each of our surgeries and found out his was three years ago (mine is a bit over a year and a half ago). Each of our surgeries were on the left-frontal lobe, too! Pretty cool….

Things are just… “Primers Complicat” (Catalan)

What? I am screwing around with my web site and accidentally erasing the original page I entered about the ship leaving? Why is this happening?

Let me step back a few days and then we all can get to where we need to be. I need to think about what needs to be written about… This could take a LONG amount of time. “Maybe a couple days?”….   Hopefully not.

Lets take a look. The blog entry previous to this one is where I have a plane taking off. Well, that just totally is the end of that one. Huh… Well. Ok… Ok…  Lets go from here.

What happened on this “vacation”?

  1. Flying to Florida. (and back…eventually…)
  2. Getting on an “Official Disney Cruise Boat” (one of those VERY VERY large ones) for days & days.
  3. No, I wasn’t forced to be lonely in Florida. I had others come with me. Seven others, to be exact. (Luckily, there’s more to a story…)
  4. I had found this boat to have numerous places within it. VERY EASY to get lost.
  5. Disney has its own island that we stopped at on several occasions. Personally, this is the best part of my story.
  6. Then there was lots and lots and lots of other things too. But the best memory that I want to keep is at “Número Cinco” of this list.

Okay. Lets go forth with this “story” that you will feel lucky reading and also feel the need to share it with all your friends. 🙂

I get on the Disney boat, take the boat to an island owned by Disney and get off the boat. (Just to start.)

The additional people that came with me on this trip felt it was important to jump into the water first and all day. I felt that I really wanted to see if I could get a bike and ride it all over the island. Found the “bike rental” location to get the first bike. Coolest places to ride a bike. I could take these trails all over the island.

Came back at noon to return the bike and find a lunch. I started talking with a lady working at the bike rental. Just talked with her for the longest time. Finally decided I needed to go eat and I’d be back.

So, I ate lunch. That was interesting right there. Got my lunch. This is basically anything you want, for the price you want. Me? I paid nothing for my food. (Free Food since I am loved so much there, or it is just that way for everyone?) Since I was eating there without successfully finding my “group”, the many people I sat with (over and over) were interesting. One group would eat at my table and then get up and leave when finished. Then another comes and eats and leaves. Over and over. Talked with all these interesting people. Very Interesting. Now…. “Rent a Bike” again.

So, I go over there to get one and there she is again to talk with. Talk with her again for awhile. Then hop on the bike and off I go! Coolest stuff out there to see. Trees, flowers, ocean…. I do that for awhile. Come back. Talk more with her again and then it’s “back to the boat”.

Nevertheless, I had the chance to speak with her again on days ahead. YES, I did all those other things that I wanted to do on a ship, but going to an island and visiting is especially a memory I have kept.

All was good!

The plane! The plane!

Okay… I’m boarding an airplane and flying over to Florida. Florida… What is to do in Florida? Guess we’ll just find out later today. I’m just…

  1. I’m along for a ride
  2. Has some reasoning to do with me, somehow
  3. …and forced along for a ride

I’m getting put on a boat there and forcibly taken somewhere else. Successfully find where I’ll be going at a later time.

Beginning of the Vacation??

Vacation? Is that one of those different language words again? I think I’m happy with the volunteer opportunities I get to do. I actually want to do MORE WORK! But vacation?

It’s true I have been through allot with my surgery and healing. People helping have been through allot. (nope, I don’t remember that last time in the hospital…. in the coma.) But now we get a vacation???

Personally, I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER today, rather than the days before. This is easy to say everyday. I have been feeling this specific way for several months. Is it the change in weather? Maybe. Is it more healing? Mmmmm, that would make it less complicated.

Anyway. I have been taken away from my own usual ways and going back to another place where people know me. For awhile, I’ll be available to enter into here. But I am being forced to join people on vacation!!! Aaaaaa!!!!!