“haha… sniff… sniff…”

This book that I have spent the time to read (yeah, yeah… listen to) was making me laugh with these wet eyes. Not the ENTIRE book, just “parts”. The book was… (hold on, let me look it up…)

It’s Okay to Laugh (Crying is Cool Too)
by Nora McInerny  Purmort 

The true story is about how they have gone through allot with finding out about a rare brain cancer. When he laid in the hospital bed, he asked her if she wanted to get married. Directly after the surgery, and as they were still in the hospital, she said “yes”.

While he was doing his chemo, they were lucky enough to have a baby together. More to the story, with that…

The last summer that was shared together was awesome with happiness and laughter. A few months later, well…

Will someone else be crying at the end of the book like me? Maybe. I was laughing with sad tears.

Already have the NEXT one chosen…. Just have to wait a week before I can get it for my monthly choice.

Incognito… Book.

So, I watched The Brain on PBS and now own it on DVD. So next, I saw this book called Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain written by the same guy that did show….. David Eagleman.

Good Book! Only thing… It’s pretty much the same as the show I just watched. Quite a few things not mentioned in the TV show, but are talked about in the book in FULL detail. Other than that, it’s a good book.

Ah… That SHOW has a BOOK!

I’ve learned the show that I have been watching on PBS (The Brain with David Eagleman) has a book. I got this book for my Kindle (who would have guessed that one?) and finished the first chapter so far. These chapters are all the same as what is shown per episode. Ah…

I have read (cough…  listened to) the first chapter today. Pretty much word-for-word the same as the first episode on TV. Excellent stuff. Talks about…. well… now you’re just wanting me to remember something with MY brain? It was a very good show. I’ll read more tomorrow.

The show is going to be on for a few more weeks, I assume, to cover the few chapters left. I’m excited to read about what this show/book has to say about a human’s brain. It also compares a human’s brain with a animal’s brain. I mean, how an animal is set to grow up to be an “adult” allot faster than a human.

Now I have finished this book???

On Tuesday, I was typing that I need to listen to a new book. Today is Thursday and need to listen to ANOTHER new book. Never before have I enjoyed a book so much that I did 256 pages in 3 days. No problem listening to 6 hours while sitting on my front porch with my drink (in my “non-shaky left-hand”) and enjoying the weather, eh?


Laughing At My Nightmare — by Shane Burcaw

Wow. This guy has been through allot in his life, and has made it as far as he has without giving up. Good for him!

He’s got one hell of a story for himself and he’s been through many surgeries. He always stated that his surgeries were the SECOND worst ones to get. Which surgery would be the worst, to him?

“THANK GOD I do not need a BRAIN SURGERY.”

Now, that was funny. Maybe just to me, but that was damn funny. 😉

He’s been through AND still going through allot, health-wise. But LIVING FULLY with what he has is obviously what he needs and gets to do.

Go for it, Shane!

…one more thing, I was just looking around and I found his web site. Laughing At My Nightmare.

Tuesday…. I just NEED A NEW BOOK!!!!!

What to do on a Tuesday?

OK…. That last book that I was reading Side Effects May Vary was just too much a teenage girl book for me! Sure, the seizures that she had were a big deal in the beginning. By the time a boy a come into the story, the seizures were forgotten and other things were read about. Maybe it was going to be brought up again near the end, but I don’t need to find out.

NEXT! Thoughts…. What should I read? I’m searching through the Amazon store for another audio book to put on my Kindle. Read about it and have chose a damn funny one after listening online. That’s what I need. A funny book! Guy has a book about his life that he lives. He is 21 years-old and has spinal muscular atrophy. This title is called Laughing at My Nightmare and I listen to the small bit online. This guy is living through ALLOT he just deals with it all in comical ways. Things only he can laugh from “his side”. Good for him.

I need a good book to laugh at. 😉