Incognito… Book.

So, I watched The Brain on PBS and now own it on DVD. So next, I saw this book called Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain written by the same guy that did show….. David Eagleman.

Good Book! Only thing… It’s pretty much the same as the show I just watched. Quite a few things not mentioned in the TV show, but are talked about in the book in FULL detail. Other than that, it’s a good book.

2 thoughts on “Incognito… Book.

  1. The hospital office I’m in is kinda slow this time of year. Didn’t comment, but kinda slept too late on Friday and skipped. Eh, they’ll deduct my pay. I’ll be in this Friday, but the next two are Christmas & New Years. Uh, no…. Not unless they pay twice as much. Ha Ha….

    Have to see what happens later…..


  2. Glad to see/hear you’re up to read books -good sign for sure. How’s the hospital jig going? Still just one day a week?




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