Good movie… full of problems.

I just watched a movie on Netflix that I really enjoyed. The title is:

The Road Within

All about a teen with Tourette’s Syndrome, and his Mother dies. His Dad puts him into a clinic, just because his Dad is busy and cannot handle being an only-parent with him. That’s where the teen finds an unexpected community with an obsessive-compulsive roommate and an anorexic young woman. This is where romance eventually/uneasily follows.

I can easily understand how a person would not enjoy this movie. Anyone would have a problem with this movie because they don’t understand or don’t WANT to understand being with people that are different. They have a “problem” being with other people that have THOSE types of differences. I could also see how some people just wouldn’t understand what it is like to have those problems, and would never want to learn.

“My problems arn’t as bad as yours.”

But, everyone has their own problems. Right?

What did I get in the mail today?


Paper Towns

FINALLY! The movie has been released on DVD of the book that I already read. The whole reason I was reading this book over the summer was to give me a reason to SEE the movie in the summer. But I was lazy…. I was getting lost in interest in the book a few times, and then I finally finished reading. So one evening I was thinking…

“Ahhhh… Now I’ll just go and see the movie in the theatre and be done with this whole thing.”

Uh, no. By the time I was finally finished with the book, it had left the theaters. So, I went ahead and pre-ordered the DVD and finally received it today. Yep, that movie was pretty much what I read in the book. “Pretty much.”

One interesting thing that I DO have to say is that the previews on the DVD are of ALL of those books I’ve read with movies I own. Interesting….

Next! ….uh, I mean what “leabhar” is next? (Irish)

What movie preview did I see this time and now I have chosen to read the book before the movie comes out??

Well…   “…..this stupid Kindle just shut itself off… “

Well, it is called PAPER TOWNS. I saw the preview of this movie on the Internet awhile back and thought it looked “interesting” to see. I wanted a new Kindle book. But I’ve done something different this time. I decided to step back similar to those previous books and go for the “audio” version.

This will just help….  somehow help…. help my….. being too lazy to enjoy reading ENTIRE books everyday all the time. That’s all. Also the audio is cheap. (yeah, that’s an excuse)

Let me get to work on this. I’ll keep everyone informed and we’ll go from here. 🙂

First: Movie comes out July 24th. Today is July 12th. Better start listening pretty soon…

Oh, oh, oh…… The movie! Here it is. I almost forgot to do a PASTE and put the thing right there.

Paper Towns

Why am I passing this liquid from my eyes?

I just finished watching a documentary on Netflix called Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory.

Very interesting. This is EXACTLY all about the way music helps a brain that isn’t “working correctly” to “work better”. That’s one way to say it. Showing how some older people in a hospital/nursing home are “unresponsive”, but then given music the person would know (via iPad) and played through headphones. Ohhhh… This makes the unresponsive person do anything, very responsive as long as it is music they enjoy.

This is EXACTLY like what the movie Awakenings (Robin Williams) does with the patients there at that hospital.

What I was seeing was a person’s mother, who had been entirely unresponsive to everything for years, start singing and “awakening” when there was music being played to them using the headphones and iPad. It was incredible. It shown a lady who was understood to be unable to stand and walk on her own, but when she heard the music she recognized and enjoyed, she stood and danced. It was incredible.

ok ok ok….. Enough of those tears. I’m getting back to reading that book that I was reading yesterday.