A Pill is gone, because of….

About a week ago, I was calling over to the hospital to speak with my new Neurologist about the newest medication I’ve been on for awhile. The one thing that I hated with it is that it had to be taken 3x a day.

Well…. one of the side-effects was REALLY kicking in last weekend. Oooohhh…. That thing was making me sooo tired. I’d get up, take pills, eat breakfast, and was so tired that I just had to lay back down. I was OUT. Woke up at noon, took a pill, ate lunch and just had to lay down again! Woke up for dinner…… on and on and on…..

I finally told myself NOT to take anymore Sunday night or Monday morning. Monday, I called over to the office of my new Neurologist and spoke with the nurse about the problems for the weekend. She told me just to stop the Morning and Noon. Uh, no. I told her that I was wanting to COMPLETELY STOP the pills all-day. She and that was fine. I was only taking them for the reason of stopping the tremor in my right arm and hand. Made it “better”, but the tremor was still there (not as bad as before). If the pills were COMPLETELY getting rid of the tremor in my arm, then I would be concerned with getting off it. I didn’t want to change the med. But I could be just sleeping all day with it EVERYDAY! ARGGGG…..

So, I got completely off that pill and now my right-hand (and arm) has the bad tremor back. It really bothered me when it started coming back. But after a few days, I have just gotten used to it (I guess that’s kinda the way I’d put it). I’ve had this before, so I have gotten used to again.

I was told on the phone that the new Neurologist should call and discuss. That wasn’t happening. So, here’s where I am: The one prescription is removed. Not feeling like I just want to sleep 24 hours a day. Tremor in my arm/hand has returned worse than before.

Other than all that, everything is great again as far as the THINKING and TALKING goes. I can just stay this way until another surgery (someday) would help. That’s where I am.



Ehhhh…. Need to REALLY make sure that you’re taking the RIGHT amount of medicine. I have been taking ONE of these new pills @ 3x a day. Well, FOR SOME FREAKING REASON, I thought it eventually had to move it up to TWO freaking PILLS @ 3x a day. UGH!

That was an ignorant mistake. My head has been spinning! Aaaaaaaaarrgg!

Straightened everything out last-night, as far as getting the right amount back into my system. I’m WAY better.

Don’t do that…. Things can always happen that you don’t know about. MAKE SURE YOU TAKE THE RIGHT AMOUNT!

The Psych…

Well.. with the new Psychologist, here are the things to be done. What I originally thought is that a is there would be new medication to help me with the psych-things (whatever those things are called). I learned that his idea in mind was what to prescribe to me was a medication that I WAS ALREADY ON.

He suggested to INCREASE a med and help with needs. Seizures (one thing it’s good for) is what I don’t need it for anymore. Um, but I have been trying to get that medication LOWERED by using another medication.

Being put back ON the medication that I worked hard to get off by getting this brain surgery??? HELL NO! The whole reason (to me) to have this brain surgery was to get off the stuff. I need to speak with someone else, or something like that.

Need to think about what to do next….

Morning after new medication…

I got out of bed this morning (finally) at 10:00. It’s true that I went to bed a bit later than usual, just because I wanted to. Eh. No more of that. Previously, before this new medication, sleeping from midnight to 7:00 was just fine. Now, it was midnight to 10:00. I need earlier.

Sitting here this afternoon, I’m so tired.

Then again, it might be partly because the long time shopping and walking. Ā Eh…

I’ll go to bed earlier tonight. šŸ¤”

Neurologist Visit

When I visited my Neurologist, we had discussions about…

Changing the medications:
My thought, and agreement, is that I’m not interested in having to go through another medication “change”. Where I’m at right now is …. “OKAY”.

Fixing this worsened tremor in my right-arm:
Well, this is not going to be done through him. Too complicated to get it entirely done. So that’s out of the question by using a surgery (or anything like that). My Neurologist told me that it may be done by changing of medication (AGAIN) possibly. Again,Ā I’m not interested in that. He said that I should get with a new Neurologist closer to home and discuss this more with another doctor to help work it all out.

So those were the main things. We’ll meet together again in several months.

Doing Much Better!

I’ve finished getting off these medications, as was OK’d by my Neurologist. Ohhhhh…. I feel goood. I’ve gone through my life having medication changes, but never entirely “getting off” one …….and never starting a new med.

Right now I have just TWO left ….and haven’t started to get off those for a different reason.

I’ve been feeling these side-effects slowly going away and I’m feeling sooooo good. I can FINALLY get my verbal communication entirely working again. I’ve always had the ability to “think” just fine, but could not get many words out my mouth in a normal voice. And if I’m unable to communicate, I would just NOT talk in different situations.

While speaking with several people (Parents, Son, Psych Lady and others), I was just comfortable and I could get most of the needed words out of my mouth. At least, that’s what I always thought… but I’m sure there was just somewhat of a problem. I can just say that there is “less” of a problem today.

Now… (should have started this earlier)… I’m getting signed up with a new Psychologist Doctor (not getting rid of the Psych Lady) to get these last two medications changed to another. Since my previousĀ pills only controlledĀ seizures, these last two are for seizures and Bipolar. My Neurologist told me I needed someone else to help me change those.

So, that’s what happened so far. All I can do is KEEP GOING! Ā šŸ™‚

Okay, It’s A Problem…

After getting off this medication recently, I’m finding one other reason that I was specifically taking THOSE pills. THE TREMOR ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF MY BODY.

While getting off of that medication, I have noticed this problem more and more. My arm (mainly my hand) is shaking MUCH worse. I am thinking about contacting my Neurologist (or someone! anyone!) to get this somewhat better than it is.

What would it be fixed WITH?
More medication???
I’m trying to get OFF these medications. Don’t want to INCREASE the medicine just for this reason. No!

In my last visit with my Neurologist, he was telling me that HE could fix this tremor. The only thing about it is…. this would entail ANOTHER brain surgery. Since I had not got off the medication that I could (so far), I didn’t see any reason to do that.

Now, after getting off this medication currently, I am wanting to remove of this worse tremor. I am REALLY shaking now.


So far, things have been okay. But this one thing is still around and BOTHERING ME!