Today I am feeling….

SOOOO GOOD! Finished with the process of getting completely off another medication, and that is making me feel (almost) like a “normal human” (whatever THAT feels like). Not completely finished… I have 2 medications left…

Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt this good.

To take care of the last two pills taken, I need to do is get to visit with a Psychologist. That type of “doctor” is the one that has the ability to prescribe medical prescriptions. This person will allow only the change of these last ones that I take for both seizures and bipolar. Need to find another medication that ONLY controls the bipolar.

That’s where I’m at….

…and I feel incredibly awesome.

Feeling good.

Days ago, I mentioned about the “changes” that I have felt with the lowering of the medication. Today, I’m feeling that… well… I’m comfortable with this change.

It’s always been this way: My medication changes……my thoughts and feelings are different throughout this brain.

Same thing this time. Already to the point where I have become used to the different, positive thoughts and feelings throughout the brain and body… far, for this month.

This is ALL good right now and I still only have this (1 pill per night) until the end of February. Then that prescription is gone.


I have two medications left that I take. These I cannot get off for another reason I take them. What I need to do is find medication(s) that will only be good for that reason, and not needing to take them for seizures anymore.

I will keep going. I will make it. 😉

Medicine… lower… again…

A single medication has been lowered. Did it at the beginning of this month. The same amount as in January….one less pill.

For February, this has been a good month. Feeling a bit different….in a better way. Better ways of getting words out of my mouth from my brain. Ugh…. I haven’t been able to do this good for years.

Starting to see one problem. I’m guessing my brain has gotten used to feeling the way that these medications have really put me to sleep, and then keep me that way till the next morning. Without this, it seem that I am just laying there when I go to bed. Have to actually “learn” what it’s like to be without medication that uses side effects to put me to sleep.

Other than that, everything’s good…

Lowering of Medicine

Okay. Last month I was taking THREE pills of the medication that is getting lowered. At the beginning of this month, I’ve had it cut it down to TWO for January. In the past, I’ve always been able to “think” as well as anyone else, just unable to communicate.

NOW, with the slightly less of that med, I seem to speak from my mouth better without the raising of my voice to get all the words out. When a person yells, they are using the back portion of the brain. I’ve never had any problem with that. Normal speaking is done from the front of the brain, the portion of MY BRAIN that had the surgery and previous damage. My normal speaking has been disturbed with the MEDICATION!

So, now that I am lowering pills (thankfully, ONLY taken for seizures), I can easily say that I feel different. …..and this is just the first step.

Neurologist Visit

Today is that “normal” thing that every “normal” person does every few months. You know what I mean… A visit to the Neurologist. The very special one that helped out in your personal brain surgery. You know what I’m typing about now?

Anyway… Just a normal visit with my Neurologist and I went ahead and told him what I want…

(since I had this brain surgery… and we’ve lowered others before.. yada-yada…)

So…. It was agreed between myself and my Neurologist that this SLOW process can begin sometime soon. I’ll have to look and see what side-effects I will be “released from”. We’ll find out. I will keep you informed.

None of this starts until sometime AFTER the New Year starts…

That Psych Lady….

You know, I should of just blogged about the past visit earlier this week, but …. (eh, I can’t think of a good excuse)… I believe now that I have had such a tiny-tiny change in my medication, it has effected my psych visits “a bunch”.

My Psych Lady before she had been acting as if she has never met a guy with “brain surgery” and NOW “brain surgery with the lowering of medication”…. Really? Really?

We ate our lunch and did our talk.

As I was leaving, I was informed that we were going to keep visiting. So I asked…

“For a long time?”
“Forever and ever?”
“Eh, maybe not THAT long….”

MAYBE? Oh, that’s the best word that has been said! Better than — NO WAY AT ALL!


One Medication Is Lowered…..

So, Mr. Highly Medicated Person, how are you doing after the slight lower?

If you don’t have to take the type of medication I do (to keep your brain from having seizures) then you are just a lucky person. I’ve spoken with other people throughout my life, and it is agreed that my meds can be seen as more important than what some others take. Seizure medication is “carefully” lowered/changed.

With that I’ve typed, I have a new amount that I am taking. Just SLIGHTLY lower. My body/brain seems to be very touchy as far as side-effects go when this happens (even when the SMALLEST change happens).

“What change?”

Ah, I am NOW remembering what it used to be like when I previously had taken this amount of medication. I can more easily communicate through speaking. Ugh, FINALLY…. Slightly easier to hold a conversation. (Then again, that may be true with my becoming comfortable at speaking louder.) I do have to say that my memory is slightly better now. Oh, that makes me feel REALLY GOOD. I don’t have to worry about walking from one room to another, and being without the memory of why the walk was made.

“…uh, where was I going…?”

These changes in everything may or may not be finished. Who knows…

Anyway. With all these “effects” and “changes” and so forth… I may be seen as a DIFFERENT PERSON by ME and OTHERS. (A better person to others? eh….)