Happy Anniversary, Mr. Blog…

Today is March 23rd and 3 YEARS AGO on this day I started blogging about the new visits with a Neurologist at the State University Hospital. I had chosen to see a new Neurologist at the new location, just for a change. If you’ve ever been through the “same thing” for the “same reason” as me for the longest time, you would understand

If you haven’t taken the time to read this blog in the January 2014 month, then you should. You would understand the drastic days that were created for this entire blog.

What about now? I’m living comfortably after all my surgery and therapy. I also volunteer at my local hospital. 🙂

The body is healed and the life is good. 😉

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It’s been awhile since I’ve had any new entries…  Sooo…. Here we go.

Life is… Good.
I’m feeling… Good.

I’m just going as a “normal person”…
(Is that actually a good way to comment?) 

Still volunteering at the hospital on Fridays. (Only for the fact that I receive FREE FOOD afterward. Haha…)   🙂

Still visiting with the Psych Lady on Tuesday to eat-out. (Food has GOOD MEANING for everything.)

Nothing has changed enough to comment about….  da da…

Let’s see…. Today is Thursday.
NEXT WEEK, I have something I already know that happens and it is worth blogging about.

I’ll type then. Everybody take care and TAKE OF YOUR BRAIN.


I’m feeling real good today.

I have felt that I had a tremendously good day both yesterday and today. Yesterday, I went for a walk with a person (who was obviously trying to wear me out) for about a distance of around 2 miles. Piece-o-cake. I really need to do this walking again. Very surprised that I was getting through this long walk so quickly & easily. I thought that doing a walk after just sitting around the house EVERY DAY without a very long list of things to do was going to be more complicated. I wasn’t just strolling either. No, I was doing a “nice” pace to walk. Very nice day this early in the morning. Love it! Do it again next week!

Saw a good movie on Tuesday. It was “The Fault in Our Stars“. This was very interesting. One of those that causes these things to fall from my eyes while I watch. I think this movie made more of a difference, or understanding, to me rather than other people in the audience at the beginning. I could understand this girl on the screen with her portable oxygen tank (not that I’ve used one, but I can understand feelings a person might have). It wasn’t till later in the movie that everyone in the audience could understand and watch quietly.

Even though she was just a character on the screen, it was still showing that she was having trouble getting around. Carrying an oxygen tank was very tough and I sat there paying very close attention to this person and seeing what they are having to go through.

It’s just me… It’s just me…….    This was from the very beginning. Not feeling sorry, just curious as to how to be a success. That’s all. Feeling sorry and completely crying was later. Still, it’s a good movie!

But, these have been Good Days! 🙂



If I explained right, after getting out of the surgery, I was feeling a bit confused just after walking out of the hospital. That’s the first memory I have after that surgery. I was “feeling” better and better inside the “therapy hospital” just because I was regaining consciousness from the  brain therapy, exercise and regaining strength and dexterity. Got out. Feeling better and better every day. Had the therapy that I had for months. I really am thankful for that therapy even we learned that my brain was being obnoxious and not learning too much. It was very helpful to practice. Done with that.

Now my brain… Has ChAnGeD and definitely has chosen to heal a different part of the body right now. My head looks so good and my hair looks great!

I have a lot of feelings that are changing right now. My body seems to be “slowing down” after after the brain has taken the time to heal the body on the outside. I look healed! Healed, I say, HEALED! But I can now easily say and feel that my brain is taking the time to heal itself and maybe “move” this thinking and stuff to the right-side. We ain’t done there yet. We need to work on that, Mr. Brain. I wonder when this happens if I am going to feel it?

This is crazy things that are happening. Still feeling this sort-of a small pain that I have been feeling after my brain surgery. Just feel it on the front-left side. Always there. Hasn’t gone away yet.

My head is looking good! All the skull slices will always be there there and make nice dents on the top. The one cut/slice of the skin on the front left just below the hairline is beautifully back together and cannot be shown off anymore (bummer). How’s it feel? Feels great. I was told once that the pain in the back part of the head would take up to a year to heal and pain to go away. No… Everything is good and I don’t feel a thing.


Visited the hospital doctors…

Just got home after my appointment from KU Med. My head was cut-up after the incision/surgery on the left side and it looked good. Wanted to check up on that. Came out good and the doc said I could go ahead and shave my face near my ear which would show off some stuff on the left side. Have to wait and see…

The doctor said:

  • The incision in my head looked great.
  • I defiantly need “cognitive therapy”.
  • Strength is good.
  • Need to strengthen my neck because my head leans to the right.

That was about it after the doctor said that I needed to see him in 3 months.

He also talked and said the scars on the top of my head from November will probably stop the hair from growing. So, that means I have these scar lines in my head that were used to show where my head was cut at, I will not have hair growing there. Hmmmm… What do I do now? Maybe wear a hat all the time? Just shave my ugly-striped top of my head all the time? I just have to think and see…