Bud is back… Sitting in a hospital room… (by Darren)

I’m finally “awake” enough that I can shoot out a post today and just explain how things are.

First, only so much a person’s body can handle when laying in a bed continuously for the last 8 days. My muscles ache. (Today, I did finally get myself moved over to a recliner to sit.) 🙂

Second, I’m tired of this food.

Third, I am bored out of my mind. <yawn>

I’ve been taken all the way down off all my meds, except for my Depakote. Neurologist and I agreed being off the Depakote is just “dangerous” since it has been controlling my being bipolar. It’ll take a day or two, but we are waiting for the old meds to get out of my system.

I am actually getting kinda dizzy and tired right now. I’m going back to the hospital bed.

Day 8 – “No More Drain” (by Sherry)

I will warn you a few of todays pictures are not for the weak of stomach. I got to Darren’s room and they were saying he would get his drain out of his head today. He would also get another CT Scan and he would be completely off his Lamictal and Zonegran.

One of the Neuro Associates came in and tested him by asking her name. She tested him yesterday and he failed miserably. Today she had her name on her “doctor coat” but he failed again. She did return in the afternoon and covered up her name and I heard he remembered!

He saw his Neuro doc and he told us that the neurons are firing up for a seizure, just not enough strength to turn them into seizures. He is to stop drinking caffeinated drinks. Gatorade only and lots of it, he is to do his breathing machine every hour. And he is to keep the leg pumps on at all times.

He ate better today. He ate his burger and threw his lemon tart at the tray.

I brought him more yogurt and his computer and tablet and Kindle. He played some music today. He hardly had the TV on. He also got a bath. He forgot I was there and told me again when we video chatted tonight.

His surgeon said next they would taper the Depakote ER. We’ll see what happens then. So, the surgeon’s associate came in to the room to remove his drain. No numbing medication was given. She cut away his head dressing to reveal his incision and the drain.

Then she covered the drain hole with some gauze and gently pulled it out.

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Day 7 – Better Day (by Sherry)

So, I returned to the hospital today and I was there 4 minutes and Darren was whisked off to his 10th MRI this year. Darren came back over an hour later and when I asked him who he listened to while having his MRI, he replied:

“MRI 5”

“ummm… you mean: Maroon 5?”

“Yep, that is what I meant.”

Darren had a much better day. He ate chicken enchilada and drank Diet Pepsi at lunch.



This is his “drainage bulb” they drain this a couple of times a day.

Darren also got moved back down to the 8th floor. The doctor was super impressed with his improvements. They removed all his Zonegran and today he only had 75 milligrams of Lamictal. Tomorrow he is completely off Lamictal which leaves his Depakote ER which they really don’t want to mess with because it helps treat his bi-polar.

Darren was smiling a lot today and he was having computer withdrawl so I let him surf on his phone for awhile. Tomorrow I will take his computer now that he is back on the 8th floor and feeling better. Darren did not know why he had the drainage bulb or his new IV line which is good for 30 days. He knew it was Wednesday and he also did not know about the 2nd surgery.

His cousins came tonight to visit. He was brought a seed of happiness.



Now we need seizures! Please pray for seizures!

Day 5 – “Long, Long, Long…” (by Sherry)

The Surgeon’s Assistant came in and asked him his famous set of questions and Darren’s speech was very slurred and he had an extended time in answering if at all, and he would not stay awake. Darren ate about 5 bites of Oatmeal and shoved it away. He then proceeded to take off his magic brown socks.

The neurologist’s Assistant came in and Darren was still not answering correctly. I also had her take off Darren’s milk allergy. Next she said that they were going to take him for a CT Scan right away. So they did quick blood draw. They unhooked his EEG leads.


His Aunt & Uncle visiting him…


The Neurologist was pretty straight forward with the 3 scenarios that could happen:

  1. If they got into surgery and saw blood under the EEG leads or around the EEG we would have to decide: do we stop and go home?
  2. Do we go ahead with the resection knowing we are not 100% sure of where they would do the resection at and just hope it is the spot that will stop the seizures?
  3. Do they drain the blood and continue on?

After discussion and knowing that Darren and I talked about this, I told him to proceed as he sees fit. He was real hesitant about moving forward with the resection.

The Surgeon came in next and pretty much said “I am sure the bleeding is between the skull and the brain. He showed us his scan. The dots are the EEG leads which are being mapped.


This is Darren’s brain right now. The surgeon let us share this picture.

So, they took him into surgery. In pre-op they said they said they would use the same incision. The surgeon did not “mark” his incision so we had to wait for that to happen. The surgeon was correct in saying that the bleeding (seepage) was from his surgery last Thursday and was general swelling and putting pressure on his brain. They removed the same piece of skull they removed last Thursday to put in a drain to relieve the pressure.

He got another room on the 9th floor (ICU) he seemed to get worse in his answers. The nurse asked him the date and he was stuck on the word “Long” the month “Long” “Where are You at?” Long? It was crazy. Then she had him repeat some words.

Say “tiptop” ….“tiptop”.
Say “January” …. “tiptop”.
Say “fifty fifty” …. “fifty fifty”.
Say “baseball” …. “fifty fifty”.

The neurologist came in and asked him questions. I was in the room and so was his Mom. The Neuro said “Who is in the room with you?” He stared and stared at us.

Neuro said “Is that your Mom?”
“Mom … Mom … Mom” he said.
“Who else is in the room?”
“She? She is my wife” he said.

He could not say our real names. The Neuro said he thinks it is transient, meaning it is temporary. He said to give it a few days. The surgeon agreed.

I gave his hand a squeeze and said “I love you.”
He said “I love you.”
I said “I have to get Nathan and take him home. Who is Nathan?”
“Nathan is my son!” -he added a smile too.