Bud is back… Sitting in a hospital room… (by Darren)

I’m finally “awake” enough that I can shoot out a post today and just explain how things are.

First, only so much a person’s body can handle when laying in a bed continuously for the last 8 days. My muscles ache. (Today, I did finally get myself moved over to a recliner to sit.) 🙂

Second, I’m tired of this food.

Third, I am bored out of my mind. <yawn>

I’ve been taken all the way down off all my meds, except for my Depakote. Neurologist and I agreed being off the Depakote is just “dangerous” since it has been controlling my being bipolar. It’ll take a day or two, but we are waiting for the old meds to get out of my system.

I am actually getting kinda dizzy and tired right now. I’m going back to the hospital bed.

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