Still no seizures…. (by Darren)

It’s Monday and it is DAY 12 of my being at the KU Hospital. Ugh.

Doctor came to me today and said the surgeon is not going to be around next week, so I need to have seizures within the next 24 to 48 hours. I talked with him and we agreed that getting off the Depakote ER is what I need to do. The reason I haven’t been taken off that one is because it controls my bipolar along with the seizures. Getting off Depakote ER after my previous surgery in November to start seizures might have caused some of my problems. Everything is back together and in full understanding with my head, as far as what and how the problems happened.

Have to wait and see what happens. Hopefully something soon.

Just had my evening nurse come by and tell me that I have to stay up till 3:00. I was just planning to stay up most of the night with this snow storm coming tomorrow.


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