Homework from a Psych??

Saw Ms. Psych-lady on Monday. Ah, this was a different Monday. Not day-of-the-week, just what we did! Monday was a good day to have an abnormal Monday. Any other day, who knows. But, today was a good Monday for a change.

Ate differently. Not the best…. Not the favorite….. But, it was a good change. Had a good discussion about… things you discuss with people like that.

OK. End of that aimless wording such stuff. 

After eating, we walked to the bookstore. What was purchased? I bought something. She bought something.

MY PURCHASE was a Monty Python poster for my house:


Now, my Psych decided that she would purchase a book to read (from a bookstore??). What a concept:



Mmmm… “Clinical Tales”. As we left the store and walking back to the car, she put the book in my hands.

She gives me the orders of: “READ THE BOOK! YOU WILL BE TESTED NEXT WEEK!”


I tried to prove to her that this would be an impossible thing for me to do by holding it to read. (“Homework” was never a favorite thing back in school…)

I took it upon myself to inform her: “I cannot hold it in my SHAKY RIGHT-HAND to read this.

She had forgotten that my right-hand shakes and my left-hand does not. I reminded her of this by retelling the “story” of my brain. You know, my messed up left-side of the brain is a messed up right-side of the body. All based upon where the location of that ‘ole BRAIN that I got fixed. (Not fixing any shakiness on the RIGHT SIDE, but the LEFT SIDE works fine.)

“Just read it and we’ll talk about it NEXT WEEK!”

SOLUTION! I bought the book for my Kindle with the Audio version when I got home. Ahhhhh…. I’ll just listen to the dang thing.

SO, I guess I was given work to do by my teacher <cough> I mean Psych lady.

Another Pazartesi (Turkish)

What is done on a Monday…? Uh….  Okay.

  1. Visit the Psych Lady.
  2. It’s HER turn to choose the lunch place.
  3. She INSISTS that we need to go back to our Natural Grocery Store (whatever it is called)
  4. Eat, Drink and Talk there

Then we went back to the office. Finished…

Ah, wait! Here’s a good part to yawn about. Afterwards, I was outside and waiting for the taxi to pick me up, like he is scheduled to do. I wait. And wait. And wait…. I txt him on my cell phone to see where he is.

Me: Yo, are we running late today?
Taxi Guy: No, I am sitting in the parking lot.

Ok, this is a tiny parking lot and I can see everyone from where I stand.

Me: Uh, no. I’m standing outside the psych building and viewing the parking lot. Don’t see you.
Taxi Guy: Hold on. I’ll be there in a minute.

He txt me earlier that he was “ALREADY HERE”. Found out from him that he was waiting at the hospital parking lot, not where I was at.

He had forgotten what day it was and where he just dropped me off an hour ago…. Eh, no big deal.

ha ha…

Boys and Girls… Today is: Ockorkananiwon (Atikamekw)

Back to see the Psych on this usual day.

Psych Lady: “Where are we eating today? The usual?”
Me in a slightly louder voice: “No! We are going somewhere else!
Psych Lady in a Surprised Voice: “You mean… We are really…? Having the opportunity of filling the stomachs within our bodies with abnormal foods arriving from a different location? Please! Please! Tell me where we are going!”

By the time I had listened to her speak all those words, I had nearly forgotten what to say as to where we were going….

Me after remembering: “Smashburger. This time we will TRY to go, and STAY THERE for the meeting.”

So, that is where we went, and that is what we did.

Good Meeting. Good Burgers. Good Sweet Potato Fries.

It was Good.

The ride “away from” and “back to” my house, using the special van, wasn’t too exciting this time. Eh, maybe next time I’ll have something adventurous to write.

Hanko Psikolog (Albanian)

Okay… Okay… Okay…….
What is it that we discuss on this day of the week?

No…. It’s not Friday…?

On Friday, (in case you were not aware…) I actually had my son with me when I was “working” at the hospital. 

Today is Monday!

So, lets go to the Psych Lady today.

Psych Lady: “Where do you want to eat…..?”
Myself: “Where do we always eat? We don’t need to change that…. today….”
Psych Lady: “It’s back to that place over there next to Starbucks…?”
Myself: “Yes, you cannot forget the name and location of STARBUCKS. Everything else in this world is Not As Important.”

What did I choose to eat at the chosen place along with the Psych Lady’s unchanging salad? Well, that’s a good question…. Usually I have to take pictures of my food…. and… I forgot to do that within the discussions between The Psych Lady and myself. My fault? Her fault? I don’t know.

I left the Psych Lady after the usual “eating” and “discussing” of life adventures. It was a good day.

I am in the Taxi on the way home, and talking with THE BLIND LADY. You know, that one I’ve shared a ride with before. I ask her what she is going to do tomorrow for the weekend. She INFORMS me that TODAY is actually MONDAY.

Oh yeah…. I guess it IS. I was just picked up from that Psych location. Huh… I guess that’s how that works…

So, it’s like this:

  • The Blind Lady can’t see.
  • I have problems with… a list of things.
  • Yet, we are both EXCELLENT singers with the radio and force our taxi driver to turn the music up while we are riding together.

Quite the concept… 

Okay, okay…
Got home. That’s about it….

I will now…. Essen Sie “Kleinkindbetreuung am Mittwoch” (German)

Boys and Girls, how about eating lunch with this blog writer? What’s for today?

Lets GO BACK to that place we were just at on Monday. You know, that “MORE THAN HALF GROCERY STORE PLACE” that you’ve read about before. We like that, don’t we? Now, how am I getting you over there today?

Driving? No… I still can’t do that right now! Not after BRAIN SURGERY! (duh…)
Walking? hahaha….
Hitchhiking? Guess that could maybe work. But…. naaaaa….

We are going to get in the vehicle of the “visiting cousin” and take the ride over there.

Once we’ve gotten there, what’s for lunch?

Grilled Peach Apricot Slaw. This was…good. Lets see, what’s it have in it? Peaches. Apricots. Red Onions. Green Cabbage. Carrots. Green Onions. Mint..? (mint in slaw… that reads good). Pecans. Grilled Peach and Apricot Slaw Dressing (that last word is a verb, right?), yada yada… There’s other things that are within the other things… Cage-Free Egg Yolks in the Mayonnaise (well it’s a good thing all the yokes are in the inside, and we don’t have to listen to them.).

To Drink…

Iced Bhakti Chai Almond Blend. The front says “Fresh Pressed Ginger. FIERY Masala Spices. Low Sugar.” Fiery = Fire. Hmmmm…. Interesting. What’s on the back? Gluten-Free. Vegan (no animal products? Uh, ok), Low-Fat (at least it doesn’t sit higher), Dairy-Free (No Charge!), Soy-Free (That doesn’t cost anything either!)… INGREDIENTS: Here’s some interesting ones: Organic Fair Trade Black Tea (Hmm… Eh, I could just type forever on that one, but I wouldn’t know if it is a “fair trade” for “White Tea”), Organic Ginger Juice, Evaporated Cane Juice. (evaporated in the air?), Almondmilk (that has its own ingredients: Filtered Water & Almonds. That’s interesting.) and Spices…..  (they got tired of typing)


Berry Chantilly Cake Slice. 7 oz.   PLEASE SEE SIGN FOR INGREDIENTS. Ok… These ingredients and “Unit Price” stuff was on the bottom. Can’t turn it over while or before you’re eating. It’ll make a mess. Just have to feel lucky for eating it, but then you learn you have to read a sign. Huh. That’s not cool. — Anyway…. That ONE piece of cake is $3.99. It is $9.12 per pound! Dang…. Well… Any piece of cake is never all that heavy.

Took quite awhile to drink all that Iced Bhakti Chai Almond Blend being that it was sooo FIERY (smoke out the nose). Took forever to drink all that. I wasn’t going to just stop. I have to do my job of eating/drinking to do COMPLETE testing so I can blog about it. (Yeah. That’s it.) Still Freaking Hot till the end, but I made it. 🙂

Lunch was purely interesting.

Have we comforted ourselves with the repeats of Maandag (Dutch)?

What happens on this day? …… Bueller? …… Bueller?

(Ok, if you refuse to look up the definition of that word in the title, then that’s just….. sad.)

I arose this morning and really had to intellectualize about the day and remember what was going on.

FIRST: Opening my eyes, and thinking (is that ACTUALLY what I do?)…

What day is this? ….. (this took awhile to think about. Let me think other thoughts to answer that one.)

I have a company of people coming to stay at my house tomorrow (my breathing heavily…).  (this is true, but what is today and what do I need to do now…. like, this morning?)

Oh, oh…. it’s that… that Moonday lady. That Psych-ee Person.

Ms. Psych Lady was EVEN MORE in the need of going to eat lunch than LAST WEEK. I showed up about 20 minutes early and picked up the waiting-room phone to “check in”. (This “usually” consists of me dialing her office, leaving a message and then her questioning in her head if it’s actually necessary for her to get rid of the current patient). BUT TODAY WAS DIFFERENT! I absolutely dial the phone to delightfully inform her machine, but this phone was actually answered automatically! (Gasp!)

She asks, “Are we ready to go? Have you decided where we are going??

“My answers to those questions are…. YES and YESSS…”

Out the door. On our way… To WHOLE FOODS for the “first time” this week. Did she easily convince me that eating at this location (like last week) was a good idea? I guess so because I had no argumentative way of riding in the passenger seat this week. Nicely turned the corner from the beginning location and arrived after a very short commute.

SECOND: What was chosen to eat today? (Let me look at my pictures I took with my phone I will describe them in detail….)

NOW. The Very First Thing that I want to bring to your attention is that I had chosen an area within the store and was unable leave quickly for one of two reasons. It would either be my inability to choose from the large selection, or just enjoying the conversation between myself and this lady helping me. Could be both, but never the less, lets move forward with food chosen from that area…

  • First Selection:  I had a tuna sandwich on a French Bread bun. Very tasty and many “pieces” of things that appear in tuna sandwiched together. Delightfully tasteful. (those are so good, usable words…. Uh, yeah…)
  • Second Selection:  Broccoli Crunch. Tasty Broccoli in a clear and plastic bowl. Broccoli. Yep. That’s about it, folks. Broccoli. Not bad. Not bad at all. Eaten and enjoyed.
  • Third Selection:  Tiramisu. Ahhhh.. Good and tasty. Good enough to remember what the heck it was just because after finding the picture on Google Images, it brought back memories. The image I had taken with my phone was only the label, not the food itself. Hmmmm….

What was I Drinking?… “Chameleon Cold-Brew Mexican Coffee” (in a cold glass jar). That was very tasty. Get it next time? Mmmmm, No. Too many OTHER selections that I need to try.

So, this Maandog was a good day. Is the next entry here only going to be about a Friday, or will there be one of those other days? Lets just wait and see, Mr. Boy and Ms. Girl (those may be the only two people who read this blog? I have no idea).

It’s only Wed-nes-day… and I am SUFFERING?

I cannot believe this goes on for a SECOND TIME this week! This is why I feel I am in a questionable suffering position…? My “sweet” cousin comes to me today and asks in her pleasant voice…

“Can we go and eat at that WHOLE FOODS place you had commented about on your ‘lovely blog’ on Monday? If you could go with me, I will be so kind enough to drive the two of us over there because you lag a drivers license.”

(I’m sure this is the exact quote she gave me)

What? How did this get this way? How did I get to be the only “direction giving” one? …. well, I don’t know what else I would be in this situation. I became the “purchase my own food” and “eat my own food”. Eh.. I guess I could do those too. 🙂

Wait… Wait… Wait… This is ALL MY FAULT! I was just informed that someone had actually taken time to read this blog? That’s insane…

ok ok ok… What did I eat today…?

Well… I am found to be eating (in an image that I took of my food, so that I would remember it) a large bowl of some kind of flavored Mac & Cheese. Had some green… decoration on the top that was edible. A bit on the cold side, so I just packed it up and brought it home.

NEXT…. 6 Sushi Pieces. That was tasty. Kinda just popped those into the mouth… one-after-another. It was an interesting flavor once bitten into. Not bad at all. —– Oh, this is funny. I was seeing this green piece of “something” sitting in the corner of this plate.

Thinking… “Hmmm.. Let me see what that tastes like.”

Take a bite and find out it is actually a plastic piece for decoration? Haha…

Ah, Dessert…  Toasted Almond Cream Cake. Mmmmm…. That was tasty. Best of the three foods is dessert. Haha…

Now… The Drink! “Califia Farms Mocah Mexica Cold Brew Coffee with Almond Milk“. That is good stuff. Not “cow’s milk” which is good since I’m lactose intolerant.

Nevertheless, today was a good day. 🙂