I will now…. Essen Sie “Kleinkindbetreuung am Mittwoch” (German)

Boys and Girls, how about eating lunch with this blog writer? What’s for today?

Lets GO BACK to that place we were just at on Monday. You know, that “MORE THAN HALF GROCERY STORE PLACE” that you’ve read about before. We like that, don’t we? Now, how am I getting you over there today?

Driving? No… I still can’t do that right now! Not after BRAIN SURGERY! (duh…)
Walking? hahaha….
Hitchhiking? Guess that could maybe work. But…. naaaaa….

We are going to get in the vehicle of the “visiting cousin” and take the ride over there.

Once we’ve gotten there, what’s for lunch?

Grilled Peach Apricot Slaw. This was…good. Lets see, what’s it have in it? Peaches. Apricots. Red Onions. Green Cabbage. Carrots. Green Onions. Mint..? (mint in slaw… that reads good). Pecans. Grilled Peach and Apricot Slaw Dressing (that last word is a verb, right?), yada yada… There’s other things that are within the other things… Cage-Free Egg Yolks in the Mayonnaise (well it’s a good thing all the yokes are in the inside, and we don’t have to listen to them.).

To Drink…

Iced Bhakti Chai Almond Blend. The front says “Fresh Pressed Ginger. FIERY Masala Spices. Low Sugar.” Fiery = Fire. Hmmmm…. Interesting. What’s on the back? Gluten-Free. Vegan (no animal products? Uh, ok), Low-Fat (at least it doesn’t sit higher), Dairy-Free (No Charge!), Soy-Free (That doesn’t cost anything either!)… INGREDIENTS: Here’s some interesting ones: Organic Fair Trade Black Tea (Hmm… Eh, I could just type forever on that one, but I wouldn’t know if it is a “fair trade” for “White Tea”), Organic Ginger Juice, Evaporated Cane Juice. (evaporated in the air?), Almondmilk (that has its own ingredients: Filtered Water & Almonds. That’s interesting.) and Spices…..  (they got tired of typing)


Berry Chantilly Cake Slice. 7 oz.   PLEASE SEE SIGN FOR INGREDIENTS. Ok… These ingredients and “Unit Price” stuff was on the bottom. Can’t turn it over while or before you’re eating. It’ll make a mess. Just have to feel lucky for eating it, but then you learn you have to read a sign. Huh. That’s not cool. — Anyway…. That ONE piece of cake is $3.99. It is $9.12 per pound! Dang…. Well… Any piece of cake is never all that heavy.

Took quite awhile to drink all that Iced Bhakti Chai Almond Blend being that it was sooo FIERY (smoke out the nose). Took forever to drink all that. I wasn’t going to just stop. I have to do my job of eating/drinking to do COMPLETE testing so I can blog about it. (Yeah. That’s it.) Still Freaking Hot till the end, but I made it. 🙂

Lunch was purely interesting.


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