Have we comforted ourselves with the repeats of Maandag (Dutch)?

What happens on this day? …… Bueller? …… Bueller?

(Ok, if you refuse to look up the definition of that word in the title, then that’s just….. sad.)

I arose this morning and really had to intellectualize about the day and remember what was going on.

FIRST: Opening my eyes, and thinking (is that ACTUALLY what I do?)…

What day is this? ….. (this took awhile to think about. Let me think other thoughts to answer that one.)

I have a company of people coming to stay at my house tomorrow (my breathing heavily…).  (this is true, but what is today and what do I need to do now…. like, this morning?)

Oh, oh…. it’s that… that Moonday lady. That Psych-ee Person.

Ms. Psych Lady was EVEN MORE in the need of going to eat lunch than LAST WEEK. I showed up about 20 minutes early and picked up the waiting-room phone to “check in”. (This “usually” consists of me dialing her office, leaving a message and then her questioning in her head if it’s actually necessary for her to get rid of the current patient). BUT TODAY WAS DIFFERENT! I absolutely dial the phone to delightfully inform her machine, but this phone was actually answered automatically! (Gasp!)

She asks, “Are we ready to go? Have you decided where we are going??

“My answers to those questions are…. YES and YESSS…”

Out the door. On our way… To WHOLE FOODS for the “first time” this week. Did she easily convince me that eating at this location (like last week) was a good idea? I guess so because I had no argumentative way of riding in the passenger seat this week. Nicely turned the corner from the beginning location and arrived after a very short commute.

SECOND: What was chosen to eat today? (Let me look at my pictures I took with my phone I will describe them in detail….)

NOW. The Very First Thing that I want to bring to your attention is that I had chosen an area within the store and was unable leave quickly for one of two reasons. It would either be my inability to choose from the large selection, or just enjoying the conversation between myself and this lady helping me. Could be both, but never the less, lets move forward with food chosen from that area…

  • First Selection:  I had a tuna sandwich on a French Bread bun. Very tasty and many “pieces” of things that appear in tuna sandwiched together. Delightfully tasteful. (those are so good, usable words…. Uh, yeah…)
  • Second Selection:  Broccoli Crunch. Tasty Broccoli in a clear and plastic bowl. Broccoli. Yep. That’s about it, folks. Broccoli. Not bad. Not bad at all. Eaten and enjoyed.
  • Third Selection:  Tiramisu. Ahhhh.. Good and tasty. Good enough to remember what the heck it was just because after finding the picture on Google Images, it brought back memories. The image I had taken with my phone was only the label, not the food itself. Hmmmm….

What was I Drinking?… “Chameleon Cold-Brew Mexican Coffee” (in a cold glass jar). That was very tasty. Get it next time? Mmmmm, No. Too many OTHER selections that I need to try.

So, this Maandog was a good day. Is the next entry here only going to be about a Friday, or will there be one of those other days? Lets just wait and see, Mr. Boy and Ms. Girl (those may be the only two people who read this blog? I have no idea).

D-E-N-I-A-L Again! (well, done differently)

Today is Monday morning and I actually arose up out of bed at an UNBELIEVABLY early time of 7:00!! This might be based upon the fact that I had purchased a book to read last night (I’ll discuss that later).

Anyway, I get up, get dressed with music playing REALLY LOUD and start eating cereal when the cell phone makes the “answer-me” noise. Oh great. Now I have to run back to the room behind myself to turn down the music. Then….


“Yeah, I had told you that you could have come in today, but, uh, you can’t. I just have other things to do.”

“Oh. I kinda guessed that maybe you didn’t mean to arrange the original meeting on a special holiday like today. I am guessing that now I will have to find something else to do. Will it be better or worse than seeing you? That is a good question.”

“Uh, yeah. Well, I’ll see you next week at 11:00.”

“Eh, okay. 11 o’clock it is.”

So, as you may see, we have very important and worthwhile conversations while speaking on the phone. Saddening & weakening conversations. But yet, important. So….

NEXT thing I am going to type about is this book I started to read last night. I have seen the preview of a movie that is supposed to come out soon (maybe in a month or two or something like that). That movie looks saddening because of a “difference” the person has. YES, it looks similar to other movies/stories that I’ve typed about before. Not the happiest thing in the world the entire movie, but worthy of my wanting to watch. Oh wait. You want the title?

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Anyway, I saw this preview and knew it wasn’t out yet. So I told myself…

“Self, lets see if there is a BOOK and read that first!”

Yep. There is. That’s what I’m doing before the movie is released. The story is teenagers and the book itself is written at that level. Easy read.

Ahh. I was just looking to see when this movie was coming out…. June 12th.

Ah, yes. Lets visit the Psych lady again…

Sooo… Just like last week I met with this Psych lady that “chose” to call me this morning while still in bed and “importantly working” (or was it playing?) on my phone. She instructs me to come at 11:00 instead of Noon.

“Uh, OK.”

After pushing the button to hang-up, I see the time. 9:00!

I think everyone that reads my blog can understand that I need a taxi to go anywhere in town. Have to be ready for them an hour before I need to get anywhere. So… ya-da, ya-da… This is not a problem. In the end of getting there, I’m 30 minutes early. Ta-Da!

Walked back to her room to start and I asked if she has read this blog from the address that I had taken upon myself to SUGGEST HER INTO DOING (last week). This way I wouldn’t have to remember “everything” about myself worth telling for the last two years. No… She forgot this URL, or some other poor reason. We went over to the website and she insisted on reading last weeks entry out loud. 😛

So, also we talked and talked and spoke about other things too. You know, that stuff you speak about with these types of people, I guess…? Near the ending of the period of time that is scheduled for me being there, she insists on calling and speaking to the Taxi Company to come get me and  “take me away...” to go home.

Go somewhere else except here, Mr. Long. Go somewhere else….

It was just nice to get out of the house. It’s cold out, but still…

AND….. I get the pleasure to write about this subject next week too…

Oh, oh, oh, oh…… And I’ll try and be in contact with the local hospital real soon. Volunteer somewhere there to do something to help out. Allot better than sitting at home. 🙂

Visiting the new Psychologist

Ah, yes. That was interesting. I am now seeing a Psychologist here in my home town. Not a BAD idea, but I’m just doing what the hospital insists. This was quite interesting… You know… Meeting with a person… Talking… Paying for it…. (with Medicare).  It was just nice to have an “excuse” to leave the house. 🙂

If you’ve done this before, there’s not much to say when I describe what I did. Eh, I was there. The person at KU Med that was “ordering me” to FIND a person to meet with, will now be happy that I did my job. 🙂

This wasn’t too bad. Basically spent the entire time telling MY STORY. Afterwards, I gave her this blog’s address. ha ha…

Other ideas which seems pretty awesome were discussed. One of which was going to the hospital in the town I live and volunteer there. That sounded like an AWESOME idea. We’re meeting again next week and will have more info on this subject to help. Cool. I’ll have to type about that later….


On the last day of the year, I headed over to the hospital again (for the billionth time) to see my Psychologist. Not a Psychiatrist, but a Psychologist. Got it?

Just talked back and forth….  la la la….

And what does the Psychologist tell me? “You should need a Psychiatrist.” Oh, great…. Psych here.. Psych there..

Psych-ee the Brain. Okay.

So, I guess I’ll be doing that stuff down the road… someday soon. I just have to “find” one and “pick” one? Just as long as this person that I am talking to can understand… whatever… my stuff… brain… mmmmm…?