Ah, yes. Lets visit the Psych lady again…

Sooo… Just like last week I met with this Psych lady that “chose” to call me this morning while still in bed and “importantly working” (or was it playing?) on my phone. She instructs me to come at 11:00 instead of Noon.

“Uh, OK.”

After pushing the button to hang-up, I see the time. 9:00!

I think everyone that reads my blog can understand that I need a taxi to go anywhere in town. Have to be ready for them an hour before I need to get anywhere. So… ya-da, ya-da… This is not a problem. In the end of getting there, I’m 30 minutes early. Ta-Da!

Walked back to her room to start and I asked if she has read this blog from the address that I had taken upon myself to SUGGEST HER INTO DOING (last week). This way I wouldn’t have to remember “everything” about myself worth telling for the last two years. No… She forgot this URL, or some other poor reason. We went over to the website and she insisted on reading last weeks entry out loud. 😛

So, also we talked and talked and spoke about other things too. You know, that stuff you speak about with these types of people, I guess…? Near the ending of the period of time that is scheduled for me being there, she insists on calling and speaking to the Taxi Company to come get me and  “take me away...” to go home.

Go somewhere else except here, Mr. Long. Go somewhere else….

It was just nice to get out of the house. It’s cold out, but still…

AND….. I get the pleasure to write about this subject next week too…

Oh, oh, oh, oh…… And I’ll try and be in contact with the local hospital real soon. Volunteer somewhere there to do something to help out. Allot better than sitting at home. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Ah, yes. Lets visit the Psych lady again…

  1. Get out there Darren, you can do it, there is someone out there just waiting for you to enter their world. Go and enjoy you time at what ever you volunteer to do!

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  2. If the “Psych Lady” cares, she will invest a LOT of time in your blog. You sholld friend her on FB too… But I suspect she wants to hear it from your mouth… sooooo, I suggest you print your blog, and print your FB entries. Put them in a 3 ring binder, and highlight the important points (that wil be most of the binder)… and proceed to read it line for line. I suspect after 1 or 2 meetings like that, she will read your blog simply to avoid “story time with Bud”! 😉 You should also introduce her to the Bean Burrito, no red Sauce, plus pizza sauce, minus white onion, plus sour cream.

    “The purpose of psychology is to give us a completely different idea of the things we know best”


    • Anonymous… PRINT MY BLOG???? This is not a good idea. I don’t know if I have enough freaking paper for that. That also costs a large amount of money for the some kind of ink that goes into my HP LaserJet 5N printer that only appears by ordering online, with it being a decade out of date. Then, after the waiting period for this ink to arrive, I will not be in remembrance to what I ordered it for. No.. No.. This is not a good idea.

      Being a Psychologist person, she cause me to recognise the problem with my perfect burrito. Next time visiting the Taco Bell, she will cause me to order a different “special burrito” creation. 🙂 Haha….


  3. You’d be great at a hospital, with your personality you will make others laugh and feel good!!! Hang in there Bud!! Love you!



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