The Psych…

Well.. with the new Psychologist, here are the things to be done. What I originally thought is that a is there would be new medication to help me with the psych-things (whatever those things are called). I learned that his idea in mind was what to prescribe to me was a medication that I WAS ALREADY ON.

He suggested to INCREASE a med and help with needs. Seizures (one thing it’s good for) is what I don’t need it for anymore. Um, but I have been trying to get that medication LOWERED by using another medication.

Being put back ON the medication that I worked hard to get off by getting this brain surgery??? HELL NO! The whole reason (to me) to have this brain surgery was to get off the stuff. I need to speak with someone else, or something like that.

Need to think about what to do next….

Visiting the Doctors at the Hospital

Today is the day. The day for my important appointments at the hospital where I had my surgery.

First, in the morning, I saw my Neurologist and he talked about how happy he was. Happy to see me doing better and better in every way since the last time I had seen the him. I asked the doc about volunteering more than just one day per week, and he agreed that I should.

Woo Hoo! More volunteering!

NEXT…  in the afternoon, I had another doctor’s appointment at the same hospital. This was to see a NEW Psychologist. Interesting to talk with a different Psychologist. Explained everything I had been through from my prospective, and he was quite impressed with “my story” of everything I’ve been through dealing with… my brain surgery.

“That’s an impressive story! I’ll see you again in six months.”

So, today was a LONG day at the hospital, but it turned out easy and all good.

Denial! Denial!

Why was I unsuccessful at having this fortunate event of new food coming towards my lips? Why did this happen this way?

On Monday, I am informed that my usual desired lunch-location with my Psych Lady (who informed me last week as being lunch-changing) is brought upon as being the ONLY choice I have. The HIGHLY LOOKED UPON decision made the week before of change is just broken. Denial. This is just BAD. This is wrong. This is wrong…

No, we cannot successfully obtain a gracious meal at an agreed upon restaurant from last weeks meeting without the safe vehicle of an automobile. She has chosen on this day to be without a vehicle and walk to her place of employment from the location of her home. Would she BLAME this on somehow she had forgotten that we were going for a meal at the different and agreed upon location?? Maybe the transportation removal is how she has actually taken it upon herself to NOT allow us to attend the new location?? Argh!!

Anyway… Other than this escapade, the meeting was swell. Talking. Questioning. Answering. Suggesting. Nodding. Blinking. Eating. Eating. Eating…

Next week it will be necessary to awaken earlier, or just had remembered that I already informed the taxi to come earlier, so that I will be successful at attending the luncheon with Psych Lady at 11:00 instead of the usual Noon hour.

Maybe at that time she WILL be ready to receive the new food after the awakening of my body earlier. With what I have gone through with this week, I will heavily suggest (leading to demanding) that we just walk to the nearby Chipolte… as usual.

ha ha….

Psych Visit — # ??? (billion?)

No, no, no…. It’s not Monday. It’s Wednesday today, and I had to visit the Psych today. Monday is the visiting day next week.


Here is a thought I just had: CLOSER VISITS IN TIME?? That’s nice.

Basically everything is the same for a Wednesday visit that seem to occur for a Monday visit…

“How have you been doing?”

I always begin by explaining how “I’m hungry” and that we should bring forth this discussion while walking towards Chipolte. She agrees. Talking. Speaking. Thinking. Sharing. (but not our food with one another)

This “discussion” of the different subjects that we came up with was good today. One suggestion that I had for her was to just:

  1. Bring me in EVERYDAY for lunch and our enjoyable discussions.
  2. Along with that, just drop all “other people” that come to her for obtaining “help”. Those “other people” are just not helping in the feeding of her stomach. This is very important.

Uh, that’s it. Well, I guess that’s two suggestions. They work together.

I believe that she will think VERY HARD about these suggestions to be done together in addition to having them done with me…. period. I’m sure she’s rubbing her forehead about it right now. …or something else…

Ah, one final very important thing was “suggested by her” right before I left today.

“HEY! Let’s do something NEW next week and eat something different!”

Ok. Location already chosen and discussed. Type about it next week.

Umm.. Oh, yeah. It’s a Monday!

Yep. It is the… “Day of the week to go see the Psychologist” day.

What did we do today? Well, we had our utterly important Chipolte meal and spoke at the beginning of the entirely meaningful subjects that needed to be spoken about. Ideas are thrown out of our minds through the mouths on our faces completely. This act of sharing subjects is getting finished while eating. The thoughts and ideas are overflowing….

We are feeling better because of the thoughts shared, or maybe just the food, and it is time for me to leave. I place my hand back into my pocket…. Oh… Oh, wait…  I brought a paper of my thoughts that I had written to share with her, but had forgotten these thoughts were in my pocket and was unable to share my lost thoughts.

Oh… that’s where my thoughts actually were. (I knew I did bring something. My brain was more focused on the FOOD at the time.)

I’ll forget, but she has it to remember herself. She has the papers. Not my items to be forgetful of. Check that off my list. Cannot blame it on my brain anymore….  🙂