Umm.. Oh, yeah. It’s a Monday!

Yep. It is the… “Day of the week to go see the Psychologist” day.

What did we do today? Well, we had our utterly important Chipolte meal and spoke at the beginning of the entirely meaningful subjects that needed to be spoken about. Ideas are thrown out of our minds through the mouths on our faces completely. This act of sharing subjects is getting finished while eating. The thoughts and ideas are overflowing….

We are feeling better because of the thoughts shared, or maybe just the food, and it is time for me to leave. I place my hand back into my pocket…. Oh… Oh, wait…  I brought a paper of my thoughts that I had written to share with her, but had forgotten these thoughts were in my pocket and was unable to share my lost thoughts.

Oh… that’s where my thoughts actually were. (I knew I did bring something. My brain was more focused on the FOOD at the time.)

I’ll forget, but she has it to remember herself. She has the papers. Not my items to be forgetful of. Check that off my list. Cannot blame it on my brain anymore….  🙂


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