New Psych @ The Hospital

So, today I went on a trip back to the hospital where my brain-surgery was done. Went there to see a new “Psych-lady”. That was… nice.

I just told her my entire “story” (pretty-much everything in this blog, and more). She was quite impressed with my entire life. I talked to her about getting a new Psychologist in my hometown and not have to drive the length to the hospital. She agreed.

So, that’s where I am with that….


The Psych…

Well.. with the new Psychologist, here are the things to be done. What I originally thought is that a is there would be new medication to help me with the psych-things (whatever those things are called). I learned that his idea in mind was what to prescribe to me was a medication that I WAS ALREADY ON.

He suggested to INCREASE a med and help with needs. Seizures (one thing it’s good for) is what I don’t need it for anymore. Um, but I have been trying to get that medication LOWERED by using another medication.

Being put back ON the medication that I worked hard to get off by getting this brain surgery??? HELL NO! The whole reason (to me) to have this brain surgery was to get off the stuff. I need to speak with someone else, or something like that.

Need to think about what to do next….

Ah! A Psychiatrist…

Lets see…

(I know there’s other BIG words for the “people I see”)
And NOW a Psychiatrist… at least in my town.

This was cool. This is the type of Doctor that people go and see every once in awhile, to talk to and get a different medication for that reason. At least, this is the reason as to who this person will be…. for me.

Basically, I sat there and told my “story” (pretty much everything in this blog) and then we discussed medication.

Lastly, we talked about the next appointment…
“eh… I’ll see you next month.”

Works for me!

Doing Much Better!

I’ve finished getting off these medications, as was OK’d by my Neurologist. Ohhhhh…. I feel goood. I’ve gone through my life having medication changes, but never entirely “getting off” one …….and never starting a new med.

Right now I have just TWO left ….and haven’t started to get off those for a different reason.

I’ve been feeling these side-effects slowly going away and I’m feeling sooooo good. I can FINALLY get my verbal communication entirely working again. I’ve always had the ability to “think” just fine, but could not get many words out my mouth in a normal voice. And if I’m unable to communicate, I would just NOT talk in different situations.

While speaking with several people (Parents, Son, Psych Lady and others), I was just comfortable and I could get most of the needed words out of my mouth. At least, that’s what I always thought… but I’m sure there was just somewhat of a problem. I can just say that there is “less” of a problem today.

Now… (should have started this earlier)… I’m getting signed up with a new Psychologist Doctor (not getting rid of the Psych Lady) to get these last two medications changed to another. Since my previous pills only controlled seizures, these last two are for seizures and Bipolar. My Neurologist told me I needed someone else to help me change those.

So, that’s what happened so far. All I can do is KEEP GOING!  🙂

Yes, let us evaluate MY BRAIN


That’s right, today is the day that I had to have that thing done to my brain again.

You know, that one test…

No, the other one…

Well, that thing I typed about doing? Ya know? Doing one of those… Neuropsychological Evaluations.

Ugh. Been there, done that…. this is number three

THAT is not the MOST ENJOYABLE thing in the world, but doing the 2nd or 3rd… is better than the 1st time! A couple of hours is better than all day.

“OK OK OK….. Self, stop the complaining and start the explaining to the readers as to what happened.”

The whole thing started when I arrive into the “small testing room” and sit across from the testing lady with the testing table between us. (This seems sooo very familiar to me. As if I actually remember doing this before.) The tough testing lady starts to thoroughly test the item between the ears in my head. Test, after test, after test, after… It goes on and on. The BRAIN between my ears is asking…


But then…. that Brain starts to recognize something. This is the EXACT SAME test as was given to me last year at this time. Also the SAME one as was given when I FIRST STARTED all this testing of my brain before surgery. I can remember THAT! It’s that LONG TERM MEMORY that my brain hasn’t many problems with. I can remember the correct answers from then! Ah-ha! (Funny, but true.)

Ah… This wasn’t the truth with everything. I don’t need to type about those… But, there was one that I did remember the “trick” I came up with to remember the answers. Am I sharing anymore about this with anyone? Uh, no…. Well…. Still able to count with unmovable fingers. Fingers I have to put atop the table into a fist, just to show that I am not using them…. physically. You just figure out the rest I did with my eyes closed….. 😉

ENTIRE SCORE? Uh…. I’ll have that later on when I get it. But, as they informed me, it’s better than last year.

That’s all that matters.

Ah… Visit the Psychologist guy

No… not that Psych lady here in town (those are only on Monday), but today was Psychologist guy at the hospital (Thursday). You know, the Psychologist guy I’ve been seeing every 3 months.

“How are you doing, Darren?”

“Good. I’m feeling better and better all the time since the surgery.”

“You are SOUNDING GREAT since the surgery!”

La Da…. So, all is better.

This guy also had a “story” for ME.

“You are getting a new Psychologist. I’m, uh, not going to be around here any more after a month. Sooo, you’ll just get a new Psychologist to meet with you here.”

“Uh, okay. That’s cool.”

Handing me to someone else? That’s fine. Told me the name and everything too. Now I’ll be seeing someone new and have too much fun again. 😉