Doing Much Better!

I’ve finished getting off these medications, as was OK’d by my Neurologist. Ohhhhh…. I feel goood. I’ve gone through my life having medication changes, but never entirely “getting off” one …….and never starting a new med.

Right now I have just TWO left ….and haven’t started to get off those for a different reason.

I’ve been feeling these side-effects slowly going away and I’m feeling sooooo good. I can FINALLY get my verbal communication entirely working again. I’ve always had the ability to “think” just fine, but could not get many words out my mouth in a normal voice. And if I’m unable to communicate, I would just NOT talk in different situations.

While speaking with several people (Parents, Son, Psych Lady and others), I was just comfortable and I could get most of the needed words out of my mouth. At least, that’s what I always thought… but I’m sure there was just somewhat of a problem. I can just say that there is “less” of a problem today.

Now… (should have started this earlier)… I’m getting signed up with a new Psychologist Doctor (not getting rid of the Psych Lady) to get these last two medications changed to another. Since my previous pills only controlled seizures, these last two are for seizures and Bipolar. My Neurologist told me I needed someone else to help me change those.

So, that’s what happened so far. All I can do is KEEP GOING!  🙂

One thought on “Doing Much Better!

  1. Awesome news Darren!!!! And you can KEEP GOING! You have come so far already, you can do what ever you need to do!

    Your GG friend Anne

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