Wait… Wait… Wait…

I can’t believe I had forgotten to put this on my “Monday” post. (Truthfully, it is still Monday while typing, I just don’t want to appear till Tuesday morning.)

Ah… That’s it…

Me and the local Hospital have connected! Ta-Da! Talked with them on Friday of last week…

Mr. Long, we have things here for you to do!

I think…. Woo Hoo! Hot Dang!

So I ask…Seven days a week? Twenty-four hours a day?

They say… Uh, no. One day a week (Fridays). Only eat lunch and work (volunteer) the afternoon.

Oh…. I say… But, I could then spend the night! And volunteer ALL WEEKEND.

Answer… “No.”

Hmmmm… Well, now I have to find stuff on other “nothing-to-do” days.

The Psych-Lady is “Set In Stone” for Mondays. Mondays at noon for an hour while we do lunch. Phew…. All-Day Monday is just GONE with that.

As a Hospital Volunteer, I am fed lunch and work in the afternoon on Fridays. Phew… All-Day Friday is GONE.

Where else can I do something to get a free lunch???  Hmmm…..

3 thoughts on “Wait… Wait… Wait…

    • Things are looking better and better at the hospital. It’s looking as if it is going to be a lesser of a volunteerism at the beginning, but growing as it goes on. We’ll all find out….


  1. Good deal! You will find something to do! 😁

    GG friend Anne

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