Mmmmm…. changes.

So, I have learned from the local Hospital that even though my volunteer services are just getting to be highly looked upon, I need to NOT be around everyday. Hmmm… (ha ha)

Not a Friday afternoon to begin with, where to just stick around all weekend. No. (They want to “learn” my ways of my ideas first.) Now, I have an email stating that they have thoroughly thought about me. (Maybe they’ve spent time on here and read these important entries? Who knows.)

Now, we have “NEW scheduling” to begin with. Ta-Da! Training to work at an Information Desk at 8:30am on Tuesday!?!? Opening my eyes is going to be complicated for such an EARLY HOUR… BUT! This is 100% what I have been waiting for and I will GLADLY do it!!!

So, looking at this email after it is magically printed onto a sheet of paper in front of me, the training on May 5th will start at 8:30am, while the May 12th and May 19th (Tuesdays the next weeks) days will be at 8:00am. THEN I’m coming in on Friday, May 22nd to begin the “Official Friday Workings”…. mess makings…. staying there to wear me out?

We’ll see….

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