This is what I’ve been waiting for! VOLUNTEERING AT THE HOSPITAL!!!

ok… ok… This is the hospital I’ve been typing about lately (not my surgery one). This is the close-to-my-house one. Learned all about my job: where the “sitting location” is & where the cafeteria is to get a FREE LUNCH. The second one is the most important. That is what I’m cheering about, right there. 😉

Oh, my badge! Have to type-ya about that… Has my “official picture” on it and my TITLE is…


That’s an important big word, eh? This job is the one where I sit right near the entrance and help people to know where to go. Lots of people are just looking towards me, smiling and walking by. I say, “Good Morning.” and such…

There are others that need some help as to where to go in this giant hospital. The lady who was there and showing me what to do, began by answering questions and letting people know where to go very easily. Later she told me she’d been there volunteering for quite a while. Ah…. She was saying that she had been there for years and years. One day, every week, in the morning hours. Sometimes she also fills in for people who have to be gone for some reason. Interesting…

She told me that some days it might get a busy, and other days it’s pretty slow. Back and forth. Just hard to tell what it’s going to be from day-to-day.

I learned quite a bit. She packed up at noon and said that she would see me next week. She told me where the cafeteria was (other half of the first floor) and left. I strolled over to the cafeteria to get my FREE FOOD. That’s all I am there for. Work several hours for food. 🙂 Met with some other volunteers there and sat to eat with them.

After eating, I packed up and came home. A good day of volunteering.

One thought on “Woo-Hoo!!

  1. Awesome Darren, so happy for you…know your mom & Dad are happy about that too…Good Luck..relax and enjoy.



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