Keeping Busy…. (busy enough to say that I am?)

Thinking back… to just last week.

Ah! Wednesday, I went back to a Hospital for the Monthly Volunteer Meeting. Pretty cool. I learned quite a bit from as far as what has done in the past and what other events the volunteers have scheduled to do. Different things here and there.

I’ll remember better what they were when it happens. 😉

That’s it for LAST week.

~~ Now THIS week (so far).

Monday was busy traveling back home (after Mothers Day and a Wedding).

Tuesday, I went to volunteer at the hospital again from 8 to 12. Not quite as “busy” as last Monday, for some reason. Maybe because it was too much nice weather outside? Maybe. Who knows. None the less, I was a good sit and greet. I left the Hospital at noon after volunteering at the front door. Not a bad day at that. Not overly busy at all.

At the hospital, I DID happen to see someone who I hoped to speak with again another time. It was the Occupational Therapist! Ah! Hadn’t seen her for over a year. Love to just talk and show her how I am doing. She was entering quickly and leaving quickly when she came by and didn’t happen to see me to learn that I’m there now. Eh. Maybe next time.

Today? Today was a good day.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the day I moved my Psych appointment to from Monday. (Just because I was busy Monday this week.)

Next week, the Psych is back to Monday, the Hospital on Tuesday AND THEN (ta-da!) the Hospital is AGAIN on Friday (yeah!). It’s moved to Friday from then on. I’ll type you about all that later on…

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