Psych Visit — # ??? (billion?)

No, no, no…. It’s not Monday. It’s Wednesday today, and I had to visit the Psych today. Monday is the visiting day next week.


Here is a thought I just had: CLOSER VISITS IN TIME?? That’s nice.

Basically everything is the same for a Wednesday visit that seem to occur for a Monday visit…

“How have you been doing?”

I always begin by explaining how “I’m hungry” and that we should bring forth this discussion while walking towards Chipolte. She agrees. Talking. Speaking. Thinking. Sharing. (but not our food with one another)

This “discussion” of the different subjects that we came up with was good today. One suggestion that I had for her was to just:

  1. Bring me in EVERYDAY for lunch and our enjoyable discussions.
  2. Along with that, just drop all “other people” that come to her for obtaining “help”. Those “other people” are just not helping in the feeding of her stomach. This is very important.

Uh, that’s it. Well, I guess that’s two suggestions. They work together.

I believe that she will think VERY HARD about these suggestions to be done together in addition to having them done with me…. period. I’m sure she’s rubbing her forehead about it right now. …or something else…

Ah, one final very important thing was “suggested by her” right before I left today.

“HEY! Let’s do something NEW next week and eat something different!”

Ok. Location already chosen and discussed. Type about it next week.


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