Denial! Denial!

Why was I unsuccessful at having this fortunate event of new food coming towards my lips? Why did this happen this way?

On Monday, I am informed that my usual desired lunch-location with my Psych Lady (who informed me last week as being lunch-changing) is brought upon as being the ONLY choice I have. The HIGHLY LOOKED UPON decision made the week before of change is just broken. Denial. This is just BAD. This is wrong. This is wrong…

No, we cannot successfully obtain a gracious meal at an agreed upon restaurant from last weeks meeting without the safe vehicle of an automobile. She has chosen on this day to be without a vehicle and walk to her place of employment from the location of her home. Would she BLAME this on somehow she had forgotten that we were going for a meal at the different and agreed upon location?? Maybe the transportation removal is how she has actually taken it upon herself to NOT allow us to attend the new location?? Argh!!

Anyway… Other than this escapade, the meeting was swell. Talking. Questioning. Answering. Suggesting. Nodding. Blinking. Eating. Eating. Eating…

Next week it will be necessary to awaken earlier, or just had remembered that I already informed the taxi to come earlier, so that I will be successful at attending the luncheon with Psych Lady at 11:00 instead of the usual Noon hour.

Maybe at that time she WILL be ready to receive the new food after the awakening of my body earlier. With what I have gone through with this week, I will heavily suggest (leading to demanding) that we just walk to the nearby Chipolte… as usual.

ha ha….

2 thoughts on “Denial! Denial!

  1. Good luck with that venture! I am sure you will enjoy the food no matter the location! 😉

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