The Volunteeeeeering Comes Again!

Another good day of sitting, greeting, talking with my partner…. uh, that’s about it….

My partner told me that I needed to “sit in this other chair to be closer to the people coming in.” So, I sat closer to the desk we were at, and no one missed me after coming through the doorway from outside.

“Good Morning…”

“Good Morning…”

Very complicated, but I WAS SUCCESSFUL!

Sometimes, there were people needing help in finding out where their doctors were, or maybe other complicated questions. “No idea” on very few, but others can be figured out. All that “women’s medical doctor stuff” I know absolutely nothing about. Hope I don’t have to learn that. But this is getting better and better in the brain of where it is.

Now, Friday is the next Volunteering day and I will only be on Fridays (for me) after that. The helper was telling me that she would be there on Friday (to help) for a week or two or…. I guess we’ll have to wait and find out what happens.

….. wait, wait, wait… Just thought of that last thing the partner was doing since she was just “sitting in the rear” of the Greeting Desk. She had gotten out her Notebook computer and was “jamming” to her early-age music. You know, like Suzy Bogguss’ song of Straighten Up and Fly Right. You know, that one…? Oh, wait. It was a “swing” music song.

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