Official Friday Volunteering!

That’s it folks. I did it. I got my official day (the lady-helper was there, but for the last time). Friday morning is MY DAY at MY ENTRANCE into the hospital. I’m ready now. Every Friday. Every Friday. Every Friday. Well, except if I am doing something like going on a cruise. (But that’s later down the road. A small road.)

How was today? Well, if I have to say that if every Friday is like today, I did good job at getting intelligently chosen to work a hospital entrance desk. This is complicated, but it still can be done…

“Good Morning…”

“Good Morning…”

Friday is a day where not as many people who are needing my help (hopefully). There was several that really needed it, and the lady with me just showed how to help those few people in the future. I’m sure it could have gone just fine, but I just needed her to show me to make sure I had it correct. Now, I’ll just have to wing it.

Ah! I did see that Occupational Therapist lady passing “quickly” into the building again today!

“Uh, ma’am. You need to slow down.”

She looked over, saw me, recognized me, smiled, yelled “HEY!” and waved to me.

That’s it… I hope she decides to put on some breaks to stop for a bit to talk….. maybe next time.

Yes. Today was a good day. But it is cold outside. I forgot my coat at the hospital.

Ah, I just remember where…

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