D-E-N-I-A-L Again! (well, done differently)

Today is Monday morning and I actually arose up out of bed at an UNBELIEVABLY early time of 7:00!! This might be based upon the fact that I had purchased a book to read last night (I’ll discuss that later).

Anyway, I get up, get dressed with music playing REALLY LOUD and start eating cereal when the cell phone makes the “answer-me” noise. Oh great. Now I have to run back to the room behind myself to turn down the music. Then….


“Yeah, I had told you that you could have come in today, but, uh, you can’t. I just have other things to do.”

“Oh. I kinda guessed that maybe you didn’t mean to arrange the original meeting on a special holiday like today. I am guessing that now I will have to find something else to do. Will it be better or worse than seeing you? That is a good question.”

“Uh, yeah. Well, I’ll see you next week at 11:00.”

“Eh, okay. 11 o’clock it is.”

So, as you may see, we have very important and worthwhile conversations while speaking on the phone. Saddening & weakening conversations. But yet, important. So….

NEXT thing I am going to type about is this book I started to read last night. I have seen the preview of a movie that is supposed to come out soon (maybe in a month or two or something like that). That movie looks saddening because of a “difference” the person has. YES, it looks similar to other movies/stories that I’ve typed about before. Not the happiest thing in the world the entire movie, but worthy of my wanting to watch. Oh wait. You want the title?

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Anyway, I saw this preview and knew it wasn’t out yet. So I told myself…

“Self, lets see if there is a BOOK and read that first!”

Yep. There is. That’s what I’m doing before the movie is released. The story is teenagers and the book itself is written at that level. Easy read.

Ahh. I was just looking to see when this movie was coming out…. June 12th.

One thought on “D-E-N-I-A-L Again! (well, done differently)

  1. Have a grew Memorial Day. Enjoy your new read!

    Your GG Friend Anne

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