This New Med

I’m not entirely happy with this new BRIVIACT that I started taking. ONE reason is the price. Holy Crap! This expensive (tiny) pill is one that I take twice a day.

I can’t recognize if this tiny new pill is actually helping as good (or better) than the Depakote ER. I haven’t had any new daytime seizures while on the Briviact. I don’t know if I’ve had any seizures at night, while sleeping. Right now… I’m taking the full-amount of Briviact and I’m only half-way through getting off the Depakote ER. Still working through this LONG process of getting off Depakote ER. Thankfully, I chose to not be in any hurry.

So far… I’ve had the serious thought of just staying on only half Depakote ER (where I’m at right now), and completely dropping the EXPENSIVE Briviact. We’ll see how all this goes. I’ll let you know. Need to talk with my New Neurologist first before completely going this way.

I want to hear about any other medical choices.

I am feeling better being on only half the Depakote ER. I sure can talk better now.

Another New Neuro-Doctor

Spoke with a new Neuro-doctor today. This discussion was about another surgery which will reduce the tremor from the right side of my body. Maybe not ENTIRELY, but to hopefully (somewhat) fix the arm/hand & [maybe] the foot. What will be done is the insertion of a wire into a certain part of the brain and the other end is connected to a probe underneath the skin. This probe is located at about the same height as the heart, just on the right side of the chest. …and underneath the skin with both the probe and “wire”.

He told me how this will be done and ALL the side effects. Those (possible) side effects don’t seem TOO bad (to me). But still, these side effects are not the most enjoyable things.

Earlier in this blog, there is the video of a person who had just received this surgery. He speaks about how he has this device to help with his Dystonia. Not damage in the brain, like me.

Several years after getting this to my brain, I will need to get back to the hospital and have another “quick” surgery. This is just to “change the battery” in the device.

To me, this is entirely CHOICE. Not a life or death necessity. Need to look… and talk… and think further into this.

Oh! I asked about the…

“Will I be awake while doing this surgery?”

Likely, it will be either… maybe YES, or maybe NO.
I can probably figure that one out when I’m on a table in the operating room. I’ll just tell you RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

My next thought is: Will I be able to “REMEMBER” anything afterwards??? 😛

Watching “The Brain” again…

This week on PBS, I’m still watching The Brain show.

Right away, I have to confess. I was watching one of the first explanations in the show and crying my eyes out. This 10 year old girl needed to have brain surgery. Surgery that removed her ENTIRE left half portion of her brain. How is she? Her brain has done an excellent job (as mine) to re-program itself to the other side. Still could walk (with a limp) and a right arm that looked to be a bit better than mine, since she was shooting arrows real good. 😉

The next part of the show was the “brain reprogramming itself into different areas”. Uh, well… I know ALL about that one. Been there, done that one. The surgery of having the damaged portion of my brain removed, causing those areas to “reprogram” into new areas.

The Brain — on TV

Got this new show I found on PBS called “The Brain with David Eagleman“.

Good Show!

Last week was talking about brain surgery.

This week is about how someone’s brain can be “dependant” on another person’s brain in different ways. Everything about “reading” other people by the studying and processing. Only takes milliseconds. People have a tendency to “mirror” what other people are feeling, too. This is true. It can be compared to the watching of a movie. The feeling that can be felt while watching a movie. Telling your brain it isn’t a real movie can be tried, but other neurons don’t know how to act any other way.


Am I sleeping…..

….or have I just been busy? Could be forgetful. Could make up another excuse about being too busy reading… working… thinking…

Anyway….. Things to discuss… Things to discuss… Where do I start?


Ok, I’ve decided on a new book to load into the Kindle and begin to read. Read? That is not being done since it is just another Audio Book. So, listening to this book…

“Darren, what is the TITLE of that booklet that you are reading?”

Ah, this book is called… Side Effects May Vary. No, it’s not based on a true story. Yes, it’s just a fictional story. In fact, this is a “teenage” written type book. Uh, okay. This audio version is different. It’s a thick book, but I’m listening…. It’s…. OK so far.

Psych Lady!

Saw her on Monday this week. Well, first thing off, she started disagreeing with me and claiming that I was incorrect in saying that it was a MY CHOICE in food and not a HER CHOICE day. We were discussing & arguing about items, but she was driving. Without me paying attention, she drove us to her “Grocery Store for Good Eating” so that we can eat there. NO! I told her that it was MY TURN!

“I’m sorry, Darren, but you chose your Smashburger last week.”

“But… That wasn’t a normal week. We didn’t meet on Monday. Monday was Labor Day. We met on a Wednesday. Our WEEKLY LUNCH choice is the one that falls on a Monday. Any other day doesn’t count for anything. THUS, since it is Monday again today, it should be MY turn and MY choice.”

“Uh, no. This week is my turn and NEXT WEEK is your turn.”

Hmmm… Whatever…

The interesting thing about our meeting while eating outside was a Praying Mantis sitting in the plant next to the table. Interesting. Was it praying that we would hurry up and go away? Maybe.

Working at the Hospital

Ah, yes. Hospital. I arose today after my cell phone made its awakening noise…

“Ah! Need to get ready!”

I had forgotten what day it was and what I was getting ready for. For some reason I had thought it was two days in the future and I was just doing breakfast with a buddy. So, I put on my shorts, t-shirt, hat and starting to put on my socks & shoes. Then I start looking and thinking…

“Man, why did my alarm tell me to get up at 6:00 this morning to go to my weekend breakfast?”

WAIT! It’s not the weekend yet. It’s only Friday! So, I go and change my clothes to put on my “business clothes” to work my job at the Hospital.

I get to the hospital and do the paperwork filing. I was getting closer to leaving, but then I was invited to join the rest of the office group and eat with them there. Another person was leaving the job to move to a new location, and everyone was saying their goodbye at the lunch. Me? I the ate food while the people there were saying their “goodbyes”. It was good food! 🙂