Am I sleeping…..

….or have I just been busy? Could be forgetful. Could make up another excuse about being too busy reading… working… thinking…

Anyway….. Things to discuss… Things to discuss… Where do I start?


Ok, I’ve decided on a new book to load into the Kindle and begin to read. Read? That is not being done since it is just another Audio Book. So, listening to this book…

“Darren, what is the TITLE of that booklet that you are reading?”

Ah, this book is called… Side Effects May Vary. No, it’s not based on a true story. Yes, it’s just a fictional story. In fact, this is a “teenage” written type book. Uh, okay. This audio version is different. It’s a thick book, but I’m listening…. It’s…. OK so far.

Psych Lady!

Saw her on Monday this week. Well, first thing off, she started disagreeing with me and claiming that I was incorrect in saying that it was a MY CHOICE in food and not a HER CHOICE day. We were discussing & arguing about items, but she was driving. Without me paying attention, she drove us to her “Grocery Store for Good Eating” so that we can eat there. NO! I told her that it was MY TURN!

“I’m sorry, Darren, but you chose your Smashburger last week.”

“But… That wasn’t a normal week. We didn’t meet on Monday. Monday was Labor Day. We met on a Wednesday. Our WEEKLY LUNCH choice is the one that falls on a Monday. Any other day doesn’t count for anything. THUS, since it is Monday again today, it should be MY turn and MY choice.”

“Uh, no. This week is my turn and NEXT WEEK is your turn.”

Hmmm… Whatever…

The interesting thing about our meeting while eating outside was a Praying Mantis sitting in the plant next to the table. Interesting. Was it praying that we would hurry up and go away? Maybe.

Working at the Hospital

Ah, yes. Hospital. I arose today after my cell phone made its awakening noise…

“Ah! Need to get ready!”

I had forgotten what day it was and what I was getting ready for. For some reason I had thought it was two days in the future and I was just doing breakfast with a buddy. So, I put on my shorts, t-shirt, hat and starting to put on my socks & shoes. Then I start looking and thinking…

“Man, why did my alarm tell me to get up at 6:00 this morning to go to my weekend breakfast?”

WAIT! It’s not the weekend yet. It’s only Friday! So, I go and change my clothes to put on my “business clothes” to work my job at the Hospital.

I get to the hospital and do the paperwork filing. I was getting closer to leaving, but then I was invited to join the rest of the office group and eat with them there. Another person was leaving the job to move to a new location, and everyone was saying their goodbye at the lunch. Me? I the ate food while the people there were saying their “goodbyes”. It was good food! 🙂

One thought on “Am I sleeping…..

  1. What adventures! Enjoy the audio book. Of course you are done with it and on to another “book” by now.

    Have an awesome 🙆 week!

    Your GG friend, Anne

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