Okay… I went, so I might as well blog…

It was that day again. That first day. That Monday. Her day, but NOT HER CHOICE THIS TIME!

“Are we getting our superb choice that you have always made for us to enjoy our eating,” she asks.

“Why, yes, you are correct. That burger-place is the most favorite of us both, you have always seemed to be acting full of choices and choose against it when the choice is your own.”

Unfortunately… ya-da ya-da….

We had our intelligent discussion while eating, but then starting having a “DEEP DISCUSSION” about the new thing here in town. Purchasing of Fiber Optics for Internet, Television, Telephone… la-de-da was already on her “side-of-town”. ME? I HAVE BEEN WAITING A LONG TIME!!!

What? What? What? Why would a person being offered Fiber Optics to their house just turn it down??? This was just… disgusting for her to say that she could not decide on whether she should invest in Fiber Optics or not! YES!

“YES!” I yell at her, “This should not be anything that you have to actually think about. DO IT! DO IT! Make the Investment and bring in the enjoyment of the system to your heart and family.”

Who knows what the psych-lady will decide to do after my bothering her, but yet, she bothers myself. We will see….

3 thoughts on “Okay… I went, so I might as well blog…

    • Lost? What is making you lost? This does not upset ME that you have become lost. Maybe YOU, but not ME…. Just load the base URL in and start from there. It’s called…. “scrolling down”

      Anyway, My front door is still standing wide open and waiting for you to walk through it from that other location in this crazy state. No, I am unable to meet you without a drivers license!

      Waiting… Waiting… Waiting…


  1. Glad she remembered it was your Monday to choose your dining pleasure.

    Your GG friend, Anne

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