Visiting the Doctors at the Hospital

Today is the day. The day for my important appointments at the hospital where I had my surgery.

First, in the morning, I saw my Neurologist and he talked about how happy he was. Happy to see me doing better and better in every way since the last time I had seen the him. I asked the doc about volunteering more than just one day per week, and he agreed that I should.

Woo Hoo! More volunteering!

NEXT…  in the afternoon, I had another doctor’s appointment at the same hospital. This was to see a NEW Psychologist. Interesting to talk with a different Psychologist. Explained everything I had been through from my prospective, and he was quite impressed with “my story” of everything I’ve been through dealing with… my brain surgery.

“That’s an impressive story! I’ll see you again in six months.”

So, today was a LONG day at the hospital, but it turned out easy and all good.

One thought on “Visiting the Doctors at the Hospital

  1. Good job Darren, you deserve a bunch of good days! Have fun volunteering two days a week. Keep up the good progress!!!

    Your GG friend Anne

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