Another New Neuro-Doctor

Spoke with a new Neuro-doctor today. This discussion was about another surgery which will reduce the tremor from the right side of my body. Maybe not ENTIRELY, but to hopefully (somewhat) fix the arm/hand & [maybe] the foot. What will be done is the insertion of a wire into a certain part of the brain and the other end is connected to a probe underneath the skin. This probe is located at about the same height as the heart, just on the right side of the chest. …and underneath the skin with both the probe and “wire”.

He told me how this will be done and ALL the side effects. Those (possible) side effects don’t seem TOO bad (to me). But still, these side effects are not the most enjoyable things.

Earlier in this blog, there is the video of a person who had just received this surgery. He speaks about how he has this device to help with his Dystonia. Not damage in the brain, like me.

Several years after getting this to my brain, I will need to get back to the hospital and have another “quick” surgery. This is just to “change the battery” in the device.

To me, this is entirely CHOICE. Not a life or death necessity. Need to look… and talk… and think further into this.

Oh! I asked about the…

“Will I be awake while doing this surgery?”

Likely, it will be either… maybe YES, or maybe NO.
I can probably figure that one out when I’m on a table in the operating room. I’ll just tell you RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

My next thought is: Will I be able to “REMEMBER” anything afterwards??? 😛

Visit the New Neurologist…

Today I went to see my Neurologist. I explained about the new medication he prescribed at the previous visit. The one to remove the tremor. I told him about how this one was causing me to have the “sleep-all-day” side-effect. That was WAY too much for me to deal with.

He was suggested a prescription for a different medication to do the same job to help with the tremor.

“Uh, no. I’ve had to cope with this tremor for 30+ years. Have went through PLENTY of the side-effects from each one of those prescriptions. Tremor has been better. Tremor has been worse. I have had to deal with it all.”

Once, a “new” medication was SO terrible that it caused my arm/hand to shake all night long!

So, nothing has changed…… for now.

Mr. Neurologist Today

I saw my original Neurologist today and was told that everything is looking good after the last 6 months.

Now, before having another surgery, I need to do MORE TESTS. All of these tests are done to see if everything is working fine. They are also done to see if there are any more changes since a few years ago…… after the originally completed brain surgery.

Ugh….. ANY Neurological tests are NOT the most enjoyable thing to do…

All of these will be checking the qualifications for the surgery I’ve been talking about recently: “fix the tremor on my right side”.

We will talk more about that as time and tests go on… and on…. and on….

Neurologist Visit

Today is that “normal” thing that every “normal” person does every few months. You know what I mean… A visit to the Neurologist. The very special one that helped out in your personal brain surgery. You know what I’m typing about now?

Anyway… Just a normal visit with my Neurologist and I went ahead and told him what I want…

(since I had this brain surgery… and we’ve lowered others before.. yada-yada…)

So…. It was agreed between myself and my Neurologist that this SLOW process can begin sometime soon. I’ll have to look and see what side-effects I will be “released from”. We’ll find out. I will keep you informed.

None of this starts until sometime AFTER the New Year starts…

Today is a Two-Day on a Tuesday!

Ok… Ok… This is Tuesday and this is FIRST a….

Psych Appointment

Just the usual…. while eating lunch…

Psych: How have you been doing?
Me: I’m doing good…..

You know, the usual…

Then the SECOND thing is…

Neurologist Appointment

Ah… What did we learn there today?
Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen one of my Brain Docs….

Me: I’m doing good…..
Doc: Let’s start lowering the Meds.

At the first appointment, I was ASKED how I was doing.
At the second appointment, I was TOLD what I will be doing.

Ugh, I think I did these appointments backwards today…
Eh, what am I going to do now…?

I think I will give myself a nice “pat on the back” for the hard work.


Visiting the Doctors at the Hospital

Today is the day. The day for my important appointments at the hospital where I had my surgery.

First, in the morning, I saw my Neurologist and he talked about how happy he was. Happy to see me doing better and better in every way since the last time I had seen the him. I asked the doc about volunteering more than just one day per week, and he agreed that I should.

Woo Hoo! More volunteering!

NEXT…  in the afternoon, I had another doctor’s appointment at the same hospital. This was to see a NEW Psychologist. Interesting to talk with a different Psychologist. Explained everything I had been through from my prospective, and he was quite impressed with “my story” of everything I’ve been through dealing with… my brain surgery.

“That’s an impressive story! I’ll see you again in six months.”

So, today was a LONG day at the hospital, but it turned out easy and all good.

Visiting the Doc

On Friday, I visited my Neurologist. A doctor that I haven’t seen in 6 months. That is a good thing! <grin> Now he’s just checking on me to make sure he (and other docs) have done their job well.

One of the tests, which I am always given when I visit, is to check the short term memory. I am told three words to remember and asked several times throughout the meeting to repeat them back. This is the first time that I could repeat all three words successfully since after the surgery. Woo Hoo! Damn, that’s cool.  😉

In another 6 months, the consideration for cutting me back on one of my medications could be true. This is cool. Cutting back in medications (from my prospective) is less side effects. That’s all my life has been. A life of SIDE EFFECTS.

What else?

In the end of August, I will have another Cognitive Test with the Neuropsychologist. This test will be compared with the one done the year ago.

This had been a VERY POSITIVE VISIT. (he can pat himself on the back)