“Book…. Book…. HERE, Book Book….”

Phew! (blowing over my Kindle)

Okay, okay, okay….. This was not my “favorite” book, but it’s finished. I had been thinking…

“Brain, we have to tell the eyes to read the res….. wait… Eyes ain’t reading this book. This is one of those AUDIO things that the EARS are listening to. OK! EARS! We are going to have the body sit outside and you will LISTEN!”

So, that’s what I did last night. Close to the finish. Then got up this morning and sat outside again to finish the book while drinking my daily cappuccino that I make (this isn’t the best idea for breakfast. My right arm already shakes after the damage on the left-frontal-lobe of the brain. Caffeine makes it SHAKE MORE!). I finished the book. Eh… It was okay. I started the damn story before the movie came out, and now that I’m finished the movie will be a DVD in a month.

Uh, okay. Obviously wasn’t at the theatre very long. Maybe just a summer movie?

The BOOK was….OK. We all know, I don’t read too many books. And this was not one of my favorites.

I’m curious about the movie….

Oh, yeah. Wrote all about that book I finished and movie I need to get… I forgot to SHARE with my loving readers/understanders the title of this story. Ah…. it is… let me look it up…

There’s my Kindle. It says the title is:

Paper Towns

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