Mmmmmm…… What day is it now…???

I’m confused. Every week, the cab comes to pick me up for a specific reason on Mondays. But, now chose to pick me up for that same reason on a Tuesday? What is wrong?

Oh, wait. I had that TEST-thing yesterday. That just has really messes with my week. Confusion! What am I going to do??

This is cool. TUESDAY with the Psych-lady. A Different Day = A Different Outcome? Hmm. That’s a deep thought. Just have to wait…

Okay! Now we are at the Office Building and climbing into the vehicle.

“Your turn. Where are we eating,” she asks as if she really wanted me to choose the place because it was my turn.

Where are we eating? Where at? AH!

“Eh, that Smashburger place,” I said in a hungry voice. I actually didn’t know if she’d be happy.

“Smashburger! Let us go!” she quickly replied.

Uh, okay. She was a tiny bit more awake than me. This is blamed upon my yesterday.

Nevertheless. We got there, ordered the burgers, sat at the tables, ate the burgers, drank the drinks, talked the talk…. and each were happy.

Now, the ride there and the ride home was just saddening. Was my singing partner there? Nope. She was “someplace else at the time”.

Eh…. ok…

NEXT WEEK! Back to normal….

I hope.

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