Watching “The Brain” again…

This week on PBS, I’m still watching The Brain show.

Right away, I have to confess. I was watching one of the first explanations in the show and crying my eyes out. This 10 year old girl needed to have brain surgery. Surgery that removed her ENTIRE left half portion of her brain. How is she? Her brain has done an excellent job (as mine) to re-program itself to the other side. Still could walk (with a limp) and a right arm that looked to be a bit better than mine, since she was shooting arrows real good. 😉

The next part of the show was the “brain reprogramming itself into different areas”. Uh, well… I know ALL about that one. Been there, done that one. The surgery of having the damaged portion of my brain removed, causing those areas to “reprogram” into new areas.

One thought on “Watching “The Brain” again…

  1. Thank you for sharing what changes your brain has done. Interesting. Such improvement!

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