The Brain (DVD)

I’m just tired to find out that I was unsuccessful at recording anymore of this show! Now I have them all on DVD.

How did I get this DVD delivered to me from the a person driving a Postal Delivery Vehicle on a SUNDAY? What is this world coming to? The postal system on a SUNDAY? (Somebody up there at the postoffice just really enjoys me…?) 😉

Well, unfortunately, it was alone at my front door, and nothing else in my mailbox. Oh, well…

Anyway, this is what I wanted to be successful at watching. I can see every episode. Maybe I’ll let other people borrow it too? Maybe…


This is the one I have been commenting about these past few weeks, and now have felt I missed the list of SIX episodes. I only watched a couple on PBS, and I thought I would see the rest on there too. Uh, no. My hi-tech television machine is saying it’s not showing anymore episodes.

If I watch these, I will “learn allot” or “start crying” as I have with the previous episodes seen before. Just as I have in the episodes I have commented about in previous entries.

Just finished the first one on these DVDs… Yep, that was the first one I talked about seeing in PBS.



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