Good movie… full of problems.

I just watched a movie on Netflix that I really enjoyed. The title is:

The Road Within

All about a teen with Tourette’s Syndrome, and his Mother dies. His Dad puts him into a clinic, just because his Dad is busy and cannot handle being an only-parent with him. That’s where the teen finds an unexpected community with an obsessive-compulsive roommate and an anorexic young woman. This is where romance eventually/uneasily follows.

I can easily understand how a person would not enjoy this movie. Anyone would have a problem with this movie because they don’t understand or don’t WANT to understand being with people that are different. They have a “problem” being with other people that have THOSE types of differences. I could also see how some people just wouldn’t understand what it is like to have those problems, and would never want to learn.

“My problems arn’t as bad as yours.”

But, everyone has their own problems. Right?


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