Ah… That SHOW has a BOOK!

I’ve learned the show that I have been watching on PBS (The Brain with David Eagleman) has a book. I got this book for my Kindle (who would have guessed that one?) and finished the first chapter so far. These chapters are all the same as what is shown per episode. Ah…

I have read (cough…  listened to) the first chapter today. Pretty much word-for-word the same as the first episode on TV. Excellent stuff. Talks about…. well… now you’re just wanting me to remember something with MY brain? It was a very good show. I’ll read more tomorrow.

The show is going to be on for a few more weeks, I assume, to cover the few chapters left. I’m excited to read about what this show/book has to say about a human’s brain. It also compares a human’s brain with a animal’s brain. I mean, how an animal is set to grow up to be an “adult” allot faster than a human.

2 thoughts on “Ah… That SHOW has a BOOK!

  1. Very interesting Darren, let us know how it turns out.

    I tried audio books, but I really like reading a book much better. I guess to each his or her own!

    Your GG friend Anne

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    • Yeah, this “brain” of mine wants to get through a book, but most times it just doesn’t want to use the eyes. Just hard to read sometimes and remember any of the words. It’s not that I can’t read, I just can’t remember what I read…. BUT, that Laughing At My Nightmare book I didn’t have any problems reading at all. 🙂



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