Visiting the new Psychologist

Ah, yes. That was interesting. I am now seeing a Psychologist here in my home town. Not a BAD idea, but I’m just doing what the hospital insists. This was quite interesting… You know… Meeting with a person… Talking… Paying for it…. (with Medicare).  It was just nice to have an “excuse” to leave the house. 🙂

If you’ve done this before, there’s not much to say when I describe what I did. Eh, I was there. The person at KU Med that was “ordering me” to FIND a person to meet with, will now be happy that I did my job. 🙂

This wasn’t too bad. Basically spent the entire time telling MY STORY. Afterwards, I gave her this blog’s address. ha ha…

Other ideas which seems pretty awesome were discussed. One of which was going to the hospital in the town I live and volunteer there. That sounded like an AWESOME idea. We’re meeting again next week and will have more info on this subject to help. Cool. I’ll have to type about that later….

One thought on “Visiting the new Psychologist

  1. New adventures are good. Enjoy the time visiting the hospital, not as a patient.

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