Have we comforted ourselves with the repeats of Maandag (Dutch)?

What happens on this day? …… Bueller? …… Bueller?

(Ok, if you refuse to look up the definition of that word in the title, then that’s just….. sad.)

I arose this morning and really had to intellectualize about the day and remember what was going on.

FIRST: Opening my eyes, and thinking (is that ACTUALLY what I do?)…

What day is this? ….. (this took awhile to think about. Let me think other thoughts to answer that one.)

I have a company of people coming to stay at my house tomorrow (my breathing heavily…).  (this is true, but what is today and what do I need to do now…. like, this morning?)

Oh, oh…. it’s that… that Moonday lady. That Psych-ee Person.

Ms. Psych Lady was EVEN MORE in the need of going to eat lunch than LAST WEEK. I showed up about 20 minutes early and picked up the waiting-room phone to “check in”. (This “usually” consists of me dialing her office, leaving a message and then her questioning in her head if it’s actually necessary for her to get rid of the current patient). BUT TODAY WAS DIFFERENT! I absolutely dial the phone to delightfully inform her machine, but this phone was actually answered automatically! (Gasp!)

She asks, “Are we ready to go? Have you decided where we are going??

“My answers to those questions are…. YES and YESSS…”

Out the door. On our way… To WHOLE FOODS for the “first time” this week. Did she easily convince me that eating at this location (like last week) was a good idea? I guess so because I had no argumentative way of riding in the passenger seat this week. Nicely turned the corner from the beginning location and arrived after a very short commute.

SECOND: What was chosen to eat today? (Let me look at my pictures I took with my phone I will describe them in detail….)

NOW. The Very First Thing that I want to bring to your attention is that I had chosen an area within the store and was unable leave quickly for one of two reasons. It would either be my inability to choose from the large selection, or just enjoying the conversation between myself and this lady helping me. Could be both, but never the less, lets move forward with food chosen from that area…

  • First Selection:  I had a tuna sandwich on a French Bread bun. Very tasty and many “pieces” of things that appear in tuna sandwiched together. Delightfully tasteful. (those are so good, usable words…. Uh, yeah…)
  • Second Selection:  Broccoli Crunch. Tasty Broccoli in a clear and plastic bowl. Broccoli. Yep. That’s about it, folks. Broccoli. Not bad. Not bad at all. Eaten and enjoyed.
  • Third Selection:  Tiramisu. Ahhhh.. Good and tasty. Good enough to remember what the heck it was just because after finding the picture on Google Images, it brought back memories. The image I had taken with my phone was only the label, not the food itself. Hmmmm….

What was I Drinking?… “Chameleon Cold-Brew Mexican Coffee” (in a cold glass jar). That was very tasty. Get it next time? Mmmmm, No. Too many OTHER selections that I need to try.

So, this Maandog was a good day. Is the next entry here only going to be about a Friday, or will there be one of those other days? Lets just wait and see, Mr. Boy and Ms. Girl (those may be the only two people who read this blog? I have no idea).

3 thoughts on “Have we comforted ourselves with the repeats of Maandag (Dutch)?

  1. ok ok ok…. after taking the time to relax my brain just so I can reply to your statement… You are incorrect. The word that I use is a “Dutch” word and whomever it is that has chosen to speak Dutch, will have the Monday as the FIRST day of the week and Sunday as the last. The last to relax on. Just as GOD did. Sunday is the day of rest after the world was created by GOD.

    So, getting back to it, Monday’s are the first day. Just us here in the United States have no understanding of this Weekend complex. They wish to print calendars, and force people into believing, that weekends are the end and beginning of each week.




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