Fri-day and My Presence is at the Hospital


It’s Friday again! What do we do on Friday, boys and girls? It is volunteering time at the local hospital!

Set my alarm at a sufficient time this morning and arose just fine to leap into my hospital volunteering outfit. Went to the kitchen, ate my cereal while drinking my Starbucks coffee from my machine and was then ready to go. Look outside and expected my taxi would be there like last week. Uh… No….

After waiting… The taxi got there was there quickly and I got to the hospital in a snap!

Good Day Today. But, then again, what is the definition of a “bad day”?

Couple things to mention about today…

1.  Had an older guy that was brought back in by another person. This other person was saying the guy had been searching for his car and was unable to find it. Uh, ok. Got on the phone for some help, but by the time help arrived, the guy was missing. I don’t know where he went.

2. Had a younger guy come to me asking how to get some place because he was a new volunteer. (Ah! I’m not the newest anymore!) Needed to find another place in the building. I knew… Told him right where it was.

3. Then, every time I have gotten done with lunch, I have the guy to do that job for the afternoon. He’s pretty relaxed. Many for Friday afternoon hospital appointments? Uh, not too many people. Asked him today if he’d help me out one time coming up that I need off and cover me.

“No problem, unless something comes up for me. Then I’ll just leave out the sign telling people to go to the desk around the corner.”


When people come to me with a question that’s beyond me knowing, I point them around the corner and say…

“See those people over there? Go ask them.”

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. 🙂

One thought on “Fri-day and My Presence is at the Hospital

  1. Looks like smooth sailing at your new job. Enjoy!

    Your GG friend Anne

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