It’s only Wed-nes-day… and I am SUFFERING?

I cannot believe this goes on for a SECOND TIME this week! This is why I feel I am in a questionable suffering position…? My “sweet” cousin comes to me today and asks in her pleasant voice…

“Can we go and eat at that WHOLE FOODS place you had commented about on your ‘lovely blog’ on Monday? If you could go with me, I will be so kind enough to drive the two of us over there because you lag a drivers license.”

(I’m sure this is the exact quote she gave me)

What? How did this get this way? How did I get to be the only “direction giving” one? …. well, I don’t know what else I would be in this situation. I became the “purchase my own food” and “eat my own food”. Eh.. I guess I could do those too. 🙂

Wait… Wait… Wait… This is ALL MY FAULT! I was just informed that someone had actually taken time to read this blog? That’s insane…

ok ok ok… What did I eat today…?

Well… I am found to be eating (in an image that I took of my food, so that I would remember it) a large bowl of some kind of flavored Mac & Cheese. Had some green… decoration on the top that was edible. A bit on the cold side, so I just packed it up and brought it home.

NEXT…. 6 Sushi Pieces. That was tasty. Kinda just popped those into the mouth… one-after-another. It was an interesting flavor once bitten into. Not bad at all. —– Oh, this is funny. I was seeing this green piece of “something” sitting in the corner of this plate.

Thinking… “Hmmm.. Let me see what that tastes like.”

Take a bite and find out it is actually a plastic piece for decoration? Haha…

Ah, Dessert…  Toasted Almond Cream Cake. Mmmmm…. That was tasty. Best of the three foods is dessert. Haha…

Now… The Drink! “Califia Farms Mocah Mexica Cold Brew Coffee with Almond Milk“. That is good stuff. Not “cow’s milk” which is good since I’m lactose intolerant.

Nevertheless, today was a good day. 🙂


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