Moons-day to fill a stomach

It is another Moons-Day (that day after Suns-Day and before Toos-Day) spent with the lovely Psych-lady. She shows that she is ready for only my hunger before my starvation by showing up at my presence on time. Ahhhh… It will be of a great “Meeting Time”.


“Where would we like to go today?”

“Eh, I chose last week (but yet, I was unsuccessful at doing the meeting there), so I believe that it is YOUR turn to choose a more appropriate place in your eyes that we could eat and discuss things. But, I believe you would just force us to come back to the office again…”

What does she do? Psych-lady starts naming numerous places that she would enjoy going to, just to get her “job” done. No no no no… Doesn’t work that way. It was MY turn last week to choose. YOUR turn this week. WHERE ARE WE EATING?

Psych-lady thinks for a short moment and we are quickly in the process of leaving the building. We climb into her hefty vehicle and start driving (as if she still didn’t know where she was going). Quickly, I am forced to ride in an inappropriate U-turn in an intersection’s stop light and I proceed to ride along in the opposite direction we started. I just HOPE and PRAY she knows what she is doing and where she is going.

We quickly arrive at a destination.

Whole Foods Market

Ah. She wants to purchase food from Grocery Store that serves food from the Grocery Store and eaten at the Grocery Store? Hmmm…. This is interesting. I’m going for it. Well, I have to. I already announced that it was “her turn” to make the choice of where to eat.

This was good. I chose a “sandwich” on a shelf that was of two diagonally sliced pieces of bread with something in the middle of the two equal sizes and placed within the pieces of bread inside a triangular piece of clear plastic. The taste was… “do-able”. Try something new from the giant store next week? Mmmmm…. maybe. It will be my turn to make this lunchtime choice then.

Oh, wait! My Peach Flavored Green Iced Tea drink in a can. Not a whole lot of flavor. Kinda like water…?

Dessert! This was a REALLY GOOD carrot cake. It is a dessert that is well worth being a person in a dangerous vehicle where the passengers must ride with a driver who is making “U” turns in intersections that would be questionably illegal. Just as long as the lives are saved in the end, so this carrot cake can be enjoyed.

Nevertheless… I believe we could “maybe” go there again next week when the choice has fallen upon my own shoulders. I mean, then I “could” at least try another flavor of the nasty sandwiches that I had? Mmmm… Maybe.

2 thoughts on “Moons-day to fill a stomach

  1. Maybe you need to choose every week. Then you can go where you want 😁

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    • Even if I did, I would make her go there again and again just to listen to my complaining the entire time. haha… I believe she shall chose to go there again next week and I will eat differently. I will describe here. But, I’ll make sure that I am very detailed in the wrong choice of foods. 🙂



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