The Volunteerism at the Establishment

Yes. It is true to say you should try to understand the outcome of the volunteerism being taken advantage of at the local hospital. This is simple enough. Simple to type. Simple to understand.

Today I awoke, got dressed and was walking toward my kitchen when I looked out the top of my front door and could see the taxi was already here!! He’s supposed to pick me up at 7:30, but he was there about 7:00. Geeze! Well, I wasn’t going to hurry for him. Never the less, cereal was eaten and lovely Starbucks Cappuccino from my maker was drank. Went outside, got in the van and off we went!

Got to the hospital and started thinking about “what do I need to do“. Ah! Walk to the other side of the hospital to receive my paperwork. Uh, well, it’s early. Like, 7:45 or so. I talk and yap with the ladies working over there at their entrance. There was one lady I’d never even met before, so I hadn’t had the chance to converse with her. After a LONG period of time, I choose to walk all the way back.

Getting everything straightened up at MY entrance, I see that I am WITHOUT the paperwork I need! Holy Crap! Should NOT be leaving my position at all, at any time! BUT my choice is to quickly walk all the way back over to the complete other side of the building where the ladies were and receive the paperwork of people staying in the hospital. THAT WAS THE WHOLE REASON I GO OVER THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE! Oh, well… Got that and got back. Luckily, I did not find any “suffering” bodies who are that way without my help. Ahhhh….

Time went on, and on, and on……

“Good Morning…”

“Good Morning…”

Another interesting point from the morning was at more-than-one time I had been informed there was an old man wandering around the parking lot. He was unable to find his car. This was interesting because I had to make an “actual call” over to the hospital security to help find this vehicle. Wasn’t the first place to call, but I got a hold of these guys and told them what was going on. Guess they weren’t busy at the moment….

Got done there, had lunch while chatting with more volunteer ladies and I was gone.

That’s about it. 🙂


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